Chairs and strollers: classic and modern

The sample of chairs and strollers for the baby It is as broad as diverse are the needs of families who are looking for the perfect model for their children. A newborn baby will use the stroller for at least the first two years of his life. His parents depend to a large extent on the chair and stroller to be able to move freely and the decision of which is the right model for each family is subject to numerous factors.

The classics: traditional chairs and strollers

Traditions are important, they give us a guarantee of success, they assure us that everything will work because we have the experience of others. Therefore, there are so many parents who continue to opt for classic models of pram. Those that began to be manufactured years ago and that continue to flood our streets.

They are well-studied formats, which have reached a high degree of perfection, characterized by a mixture of usability and comfort and, above all, robust, durable, inheritable from brother to brother and from generation to generation. With this purchase, the family knows that it amortizes the price of the stroller and stroller and that it will take advantage of the cart with the use over time.

BUGABOO CAMELEON3. The iconic car

An icon from the beginning, this original and complete stroller adapts to all ages and types of ride. From newborn to child, in the city and in the woods, on the sand and in the snow, the versatile Bugaboo Cameleon3 will allow you to easily go wherever you want.

The original stroller, the Bugaboo Cameleon3 is still unsurpassed in terms of functionality, such as its ease of use, versatility and high quality. Breathe in the legacy of 15 years of Bugaboo design and - after 15 years in the market - it has only improved. It is an emblematic but practical stroller with an all-in-one concept.

It has a foam mattress with breathable element that keeps the child comfortable and dry and also all fabrics are machine washable.

IINGLESINA VITTORIA. Traditional, classic and comfortable

Although a little heavier than average, Inglesina Vittoria is a stroller of great quality, with excellent finishes and in which the baby will feel very comfortable. The carrycot is comfortable and very spacious and the details are very careful.

The front wheels are fixed and this makes maneuverability slightly difficult. But if we choose the Ergo Bike chassis, we can use the stroller without problems by paved floors or irregular roads with a good result thanks to its large pneumatic wheels and suspension system. It has a large and accessible basket basket and a spacious carrycot.

This cart is designed for those parents who are looking for a classic style stroller but something more practical than the Inglesina Classica. Logically, it is a high-end stroller and therefore, its price is high.

The modern ones: avant-garde strollers and chairs

For very practical parents, contemporary, restless, urbanites, parents who go out on the street and need to finish a long list of errands without disheveled while walking the uncomfortable asphalt jungle with their children. They are versatile, especially handy and lightweight, that not only carry the baby, but everything the baby needs and what the parents want to transport.

In these models we have everything at hand, so that in a few seconds we can solve any situation. They usually have wheels adapted to allow climbing through the many obstacles that modern life offers: non-reduced pedestrian crossings, too high curbs, ditches, narrow places ... They are the perfect companion for urban off-road driving and enjoy numerous accessories ( bag, slide, basket, bag ...).

BUGAGOO DONKEY. The convertible car

Designed specifically to grow with your family, the Bugaboo Donkey is transformed, with just three simple clicks, from a fully equipped mono stroller to a duo. And back to monkey when you want. It can be used for one child, two children of different
age or twins.

The seats are reversible, so your children can see you, look at the world or look at each other. Its flexible luggage options - an extendable side bag, with a capacity of up to 5 kg, which you can remove and a large extensible shopping basket with a capacity of 10 kg - ensures enough space to store your things.

It is never too wide to enter and exit through the doors while you stroll effortlessly through the city. In the mono version, it measures only 60 cm and 74 cm for the duo and twin version. It is these endless possibilities that make the Bugaboo Donkey a truly outstanding stroller. Its large wheels allow maneuvering both on difficult terrain and through the streets of the city.

CYBEX MIOS. Modern lightness

MIOS is a stroller for modern parents who live in the city. Lightweight, easy to handle and elegant, it adapts well to our needs.Its design is inspired by the vision of the designer duo Ray and Charles Eames.

Thanks to its size of 50 cm and rotating front wheels, Cybex Mios It fits even in the narrowest aisles. In addition, the lightweight and flexible wheels offer smooth mobility and sufficient stability to walk on uneven surfaces.

The extra-light aluminum structure, available in black or chrome, makes its total weight only nine kilograms.

From the first day to four years of age, it is equipped with a XXL canopy with UPF 50+ protection and an adjustable handlebar with a brightly simple leatherette finish, with timeless beauty and functionality, it is a classic of modern design.

BÉBÉ CONFORT NOVA. You choose: 3 or 4 wheels

Thought from birth to 3 and a half years (15 kg), its hands-free folding and its large wheels with cushioning and tires tested
of punctures, the Bébé Confort Nova It provides smooth displacements over any obstacle and terrain.

The ultra-padded ergonomic seat makes babies travel comfortably. It can be used with all Bébé Confort baskets and car seats. Its handlebar and armrests with a leather look and a unique design give a modern and exclusive look to the Nova stroller.

It is compatible with the Kensington lock system to protect the stroller from possible theft and can be converted into a 4-wheel stroller.

BRITAX SMILE 2. Enjoy family life without limits

With Britax Smile 2, every day can bring something new. From a large basket - up to 7 kg capacity - to carry the entire purchase, to reflective tapes suitable for travel in places with poor visibility.

The reversible seat has multiple reclining positions, including the horizontal position, but it is no longer a monocoque structure, but now the backrest is regulated independently.

To protect the child from bad weather and keep it cool on the sunniest days, the hood is now XL-size, with three deployable modules, removable visor, ventilation system and UPF 50+ protection. In addition, this new generation comes standard with a foot cover.

Alicia Gadea

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