Pregnant: how your emotions affect your baby

Pregnancy is a crucial moment to create links with the child you have inside. That's why, your emotions, your worries and joys directly influence the baby through the hormones that you secrete. The stress experienced by mothers is very harmful and is one of the causes of premature birth.

Your son before he was born, participate in your emotions, both positive and negative. He needs to be treated with a lot of sweetness, with a lot of affection from the first moment he has been conceived so that he can grow up healthy and happy. Is it true that when we are newborns we try to protect them from noise, from violent images, from screams? Well, if that affects you later, everything affects you much more before you are born.

How stress and anguish affects pregnancy

It is scientifically proven that the baby inside you feels when you are happy, happy and also when you are sad and worried. Specifically, when you are distressed, stressed, your adrenal glands produce hormones called catecholamines to cope with that situation. These hormones pass the placental barrier and flood the baby, and that's how you feel those emotions.

Adults have learned certain defensive behaviors in these situations like breathing deeply etc ... but they have not learned them yet. Therefore, the sensation lasts longer.

The stress experienced by mothers is very harmful to the baby and is one of the causes of premature birth. And let's not forget that premature babies suffer a lot even though the technique is very advanced, but it is still quite aggressive for them.

Visualize moments and positive thoughts

What mother of any country in the world, of any race, religion or ideology does not want her child to be healthy, beautiful, intelligent, kind, affectionate, peaceful, happy ...? It is a universal desire. Positive thoughts and images are like a protective shield against any negativity.

When you feel good, happy, happy, satisfied and positive, your brain releases other hormones called endorphins, also called happiness hormones and these reach the baby through the placenta.

If you live frequently those states of fullness, the baby inscribes it in his cellular memory and throughout his life he will seek to live those moments and be much happier.

I reject the baby, what happens?

We have to be convinced that from the moment we get pregnant, we can do many things to communicate with our son before he is born.

There are many studies that show what happens when children are rejected during that prenatal period. These children have more problems at school, there is a higher rate of school failures, they feel rejected and they have a three times greater risk of being aggressive and violent.

Remember that you will have more enthusiasm in creating links with your first baby but do not forget to do the same in the rest of your pregnancies.

It may happen to you that you have become pregnant and that your first reaction is of concern instead of satisfaction. Think you have another human being to love. Tell him it's a surprise but that you love him anyway. You will see how everything starts to change. Sometimes there are mothers who begin to fall in love with their babies when they see it for the first time and obviously, the impact is not so problematic and can be compensated.
In short, you must release your love and project it into your child, because this will stimulate your intelligence and increase your vitality.

Tips to flood your baby with positive emotions

1. Develop your imagination to express positive feelings to your baby. You can concentrate on the qualities of the human being: in love, beauty, intelligence, goodness, harmony, health, tolerance, compassion, peace ... you can make a long list. And you imagine your son manifesting these qualities throughout his life.

2. Imagine your baby in the different stages of his life. A baby awake, a child full of vitality; an intelligent adolescent, active, balanced, open to others and the world, and a responsible, free and creative adult. However, avoid projecting your personal desires on it.

3. If you have an artistic hobby, It may be a good time to put it into practice.

4. For dads: You must avoid subjecting your woman to excessive stress. You must be aware that in front of you you have two human beings, your son, and you can be aggravating or mitigating your woman's worries.

5. The contact with nature It will give you a lot of psychic energy and help you to awaken the intuition and the higher feelings to project them on your child. If you are nervous, it is highly recommended that you walk, as far as possible, near the water and hear its sound.Water has healing and relaxing powers on the nervous system. Sunbathing is also very beneficial.

Marina Berrio
Advice: Pilar Vizcaíno. Psychologist and president of the National Association of Prenatal Education. Vice President of the World Organization of Prenatal Education Associations.

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