I am diabetic and I want to be a mom

One of the frequent concerns in women with Diabetes Mellitus who want to become mothers is how their pregnancy can affect their own diabetes or their future child. Fortunately, and although scientific studies from more than a decade ago assumed that in diabetic women the fertile period was shortened by about six years and that the average age of menopause was 41.6 years, Today we know that well-controlled diabetes does not affect a woman's reproductive life.

However, as Dr. José Luis Prieto, a specialist in Obstetrics Gynecology at the Hospital Nuestra Señora del Rosario, recognizes, a diabetic woman "can get pregnant at any time she wishes, but she must be aware that the physiological changes of pregnancy can alter the balance situation you have in your metabolism. "

He warns, however, that "there are some cases of diabetic women who have pathologies associated with the disease, such as diabetic nephropathy (kidney damage), severe retinopathy (loss of important sight), poor control of diabetes despite the use of Insulin or ischemic heart disease where pregnancy is absolutely discouraged. "

I am diabetic, what care should I have before and during pregnancy?

Before pregnancy: a complete study

It must go through a adequate control of hyperglucemic statea and a complete study to verify that, "really the above-mentioned disorders are not present or are beginning to develop because then the diabetes can worsen during pregnancy," says Dr. Prieto.

Likewise, the control of blood sugar levels through nutritional control and the antidiabetic medication adapted to the situation of each person, either as oral or parenteral treatment such as insulin.

During pregnancy: exhaustive self-monitoring of glucose levels

It's fundamental self-control exhaustively blood glucose levels. In case of an alteration occurs should go to the doctor to reach an adequate control and assess possible changes in the body that is suffering from the future mother.

The physical exercise It is a good ally in pregnancy. In the case of diabetic women even more since it can help an adequate metabolic control. If before pregnancy, there was no physical activity, it is recommended that at least walk half an hour at least 3-4 days a week.

When should I see a doctor?

The pregnancy of a diabetic patient requires a more thorough control than that of a healthy woman, which may include:

- Need to perform some extra ultrasound, such as the one recommended around week 28 of gestation to control the heart of the fetus.

- Before any alteration of the glycemia, both by excess and by defect.

I am diabetic, how will the birth be?

It will depend on how the pregnancy has developed week after week, says Dr. Jose Luis Prieto, but in most cases, in which there have been no problems, wait for the woman to reach the end of pregnancy and the pregnancy. childbirth develops spontaneously.

In those cases in which there has not been a good metabolic control both for hyperglycemia and for hypoglycaemia, the pregnancy would be interrupted before reaching term.

And after pregnancy

Here the woman returns to recover the measures prescribed by her doctor before becoming pregnant. At this time, to prevent diabetes after pregnancy, the mother should also consult with your doctor if you have decided to feed your child through breast or artificial milk.

Marina Berrio
Advice: Dr. José Luis Prieto, specialist in Obstetrics Gynecology of the Hospital Nuestra Señora del Rosario

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