Youtubers, who they are and why they are attractive for children

New technologies have not only improved the communicationThey have also brought leisure forms that did not exist until now. Television has taken a back seat and some platforms like Youtube they offer alternative visual content for themes that children consume.

This website has been raised as a video platform where all the pleasures They are represented. In addition, new characters have also appeared who have become the new heroes of many children: youtubers Protagonists or presenters of many interesting videos, such as those that talk about crafts, but also many others that are a dangerous reference for the little ones.

Who are the youtubers

Youtubers are usually young people who have opened a channel on YouTube to offer videos. Content that covers multiple aspects: videogame games, film reviews, horror stories, makeup techniques, how to make a costume, scientific experiments or crafts. Some characters that have captured the interest of children because they talk about what they like and that They can not see on television.


The dangerous attraction of youtubers

Once you have explained who youtubers are, it is not difficult to understand why more and more children want to be. A attractive which is very dangerous for several reasons. The first of these is that other responsibilities such as the study are left aside that can lead to a safe and stable job.

Another danger that a child may want to open an account on YouTube is that being a web platform, the dangers of internet stalk the minor as in any other internet page.

Many strangers can contact with the minors taking advantage of the communication channels with the users. In addition, there are other dangers such as expense management. Recently, the serious case of a child who, unknowingly, hired a Google service for which they demanded a large amount, has been news in Spain.

Monitor the content of the videos

Like any content that is consumed on the internet, YouTube must also be known by parents. Many of the videos that are seen on this website are not suitable for minors either because of the language used or because the video games that appear on them are for over 18 years.

In this sense, the best is accompany to the little ones as in any other web page. Guide them in terms of content and try to find the best that this website offers since some videos can be very educational. Parents should sit down with their children and make sure that what they consume on the Internet are products that fit their age.

Damián Montero

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