The origin of bullying can be linked to violence at home

Exposure to Verbal and physical aggression of parents It can harm the ability of children to identify and control their own emotions. This kind of examples of violence by parents can sometimes be manifested in children in Bullying or bullying.

The intrafamilial aggressiveness is a very hard situation for those who live it, but in the case of the children, the subject is much more complex because it will mark them forever and can cause high degrees of unhappiness throughout their lives.

Verónica Rodríguez Orellana, expert therapist in children's cases and Director of Coaching Club explains that "exposure to verbal and physical aggression by parents can damage the ability of children to identify and control their own emotions, in a setting such as school or other social instances ".

The relationship between bullying and violence at home

In fact, an analysis conducted by Coaching Club reveals that 3 out of 5 cases of violence among children, protagonists of cases of bullying or cyberbullying, comes derived from attitudes learned from parents and the experience of the repeated confrontations of parents with their surroundings, in the car, in training, football matches and all kinds of day-to-day activities.

Most cases of bullying or violence among children in schools are derived from situations in which children see as natural the physical or verbal violence of their parents with the environment. "Witnessing conflicts with high levels of violence, can configure the neurobiological, cognitive and behavioral responses of the youngest children, and thus, increased hypervigilance, which in the short term can serve to guarantee the safety of a child, in the long term it would result in For example, a child who lives in tension constantly listening to parents argue or, say one thing but do something else entirely, can cause an exaggerated emotional response in another context, such as a slight problem, that arises in his class ", explains Verónica Rodríguez Orellana.

This psychologist warns that "the worst messages that can be given to children are those that install duplicity, double round, parallel discourses that say one thing and then do something different."

Consequences of violence at home in the personality of children

It is inevitable that children who suffer violence from their parents will be affected in their social skills, but each will develop a different personality:

- The elusive child. He is the one who seeks to protect himself through isolation. These children usually have a shy personality and few social skills. They are usually very insecure and as adults this situation may not change too much, it may even allow other people to attack you.

- The child victimizer. Contrary to the elusive child, this personality seeks to extract his anger by attacking others in the same way he was attacked. As an adult he can become a violent person who harms those around him, repeating the pattern.

- The protective child. This characteristic is common in older children, who often feel the obligation to protect their father or mother and brother victims. As they grow up, they can become adults who look for conflicting situations with the intention of continuing to protect.

José Antonio Tovar. Coaching Club.

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