When the child snores like an adult

It is usually thought that only the elderly roncan and when a child is heard breathing in this way at night, the parents worry. What happens to the child? Are you having a serious problem with your respiratory system? The Spanish Association of Pediatrics, AEP, has tried to resolve these doubts by offering a guide for those parents with children who snore.

Children also snore

That a child ronque It's not that weird This breathing that generates such a characteristic sound occurs when the air passes through a narrow upper airway. It is very common in all ages and it is not uncommon to hear a child breathing this way when he is coughing up.

Children also snore, even from the few months of life. Most do so mildly and occasionally, coinciding with colds. This noise disappears when the catarrhal symptoms disappear. But, approximately one in 10 children routinely snores on a daily basis.

Why a child snores

The aforementioned cold is joined by other causes such as allergy (rhinitis and asthma), regurgitations of food in infants and the condition of passive smoking. It is also possible that the passage of air through the upper respiratory tract it is hindered by the existence of adenoids (vegetations) or by the presence of larger tonsils.

Importance of snoring

That a child snores can affect his architecture of the dream, so that it is not so repairing or of quality. In these cases the presence of night terrors, nightmares, sleepwalking and other sleep disturbances known as parasomnias is common. This may trigger that the minor be sleepy throughout the day and even somewhat nervous. His mood can also be altered as a result of this lack of rest.

When the child snores, it is necessary to pay attention to detect if he suffers from Sleep Apnea- Hypopnea Syndrome, SAHS, one of the most serious sleep disorders. Approximately one 20% of snoring children will suffer from SAHS throughout their lives.

How to detect SAHS

To detect SAHS in children, it is important to note if the child seems to struggle to breathe during sleep and if, stops breathing for a few seconds, after which a respiratory effort (what is known as "obstructive apnea"). Another clue that can put us on alert is sweating and if you adopt strange positions at the time of falling asleep.

If some of these signs are appreciated, it is important to go to the pediatrician so that explore physically to the child and ask him a series of questions. The specialist may also ask parents to videotape their child's dream to document the signs and symptoms.

If SAHS is finally detected in a child, in most cases the solution it will be operated. This surgical intervention will basically consist of extracting large vegetations or tonsils. After the adenotonsillectomy, we must pay attention in case the symptoms reappear and the child should be taken to a specialist for a new diagnosis.

Damián Montero

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