Roscón de Reyes: a long tradition of Christmas

The history of Roscón de Reyes It has a long tradition. Some historians say that since the Middle Ages, and especially in France, began to commemorate the adoration of the Magi, Christianizing the pagan custom of choosing a "king of the holidays" at this time.

With an act inspired by Ecclesiastes, family members and close friends gathered around the night. sweet bread thread, in which It used to hide a bean, as a symbol of the body of Jesus who with his parents went to Egypt, fleeing the persecution of Herod.

Roscón de Reyes: a cake with hidden surprise

That's where it comes from, exactly the Roscón de Reyes that has reached our times with certain modifications. Today, as we all know, it is not usual to hide a bean but a small figurine or toy.

The custom of the cake of Kings came to our country through the repatriated soldiers of Flanders. It reached its maximum popularity during the reign of Felipe V.

Usually, the Roscón de Reyes As we know it today, it is usually garnished with sugar and strips of candied fruit. Some roscones, in addition, can be filled with cream, chocolate or angel hair.

Once prepared Roscón de Reyes the usual is to split the cake in equal parts. In this way, the person, large or small favored with the figurine is considered as "the king of the party".

The Roscón de Reyes recipe

Ingredients for 6 people

1/2 Kg. Of flour
Candied fruits
40 gr. yeast bakery
100 gr. of sugar
150 cc. of whole milk
1 dram of aged rum
3 eggs
1 dram of orange blossom water
120 gr. of butter
Grated orange and lemon
10 gr. of salt.
1 heat resistant surprise

Preparation of Roscón de Reyes

- Knead half of the flour with the yeast and 100 cc. of warm milk, make a ball and some cuts on top. Cover with a cloth and let stand for 90 minutes in a warm place without currents.

- Beat the eggs with the melted butter incorporating, little by little, the salt, the sugar, the rum, the rest of the milk, the orange blossom water, the grated fruit and the remaining flour. Knead the result for a few minutes.

- Add the dough at rest and work all energetically until you get a thin and elastic mass. When we have prepared dough let it stand for 3 hours.

- Grease a baking tray. Then proceed to knead the dough slightly again to give the crown shape: first making a roll and then joining the tips.

- When ready, let rest another two hours more until the dough rises.

- After this time, paint with beaten egg and garnish with candied fruits.

And, of course, hide the surprise inside the candy. When finishing all these operations it will only be necessary to introduce the bun in the oven (preheated) and leave it there for about forty minutes at medium temperature. If it browns very quickly, cover it with an aluminum foil until cooking is complete. An ideal dessert for any Christmas celebration.

Marisol Nuevo Espín

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