How to get a teenager to eat healthy

At home eat what we prepare. But what do they take when they have to eat out? The Nutritional education It is a key part of our work as parents and the best way is the example. If we succeed, we will have taught them to design your own menus avoiding excess fats and sugars.

The Spanish Association of Pediatrics, AEP, reminds parents of the importance of good nutrition in adolescence since it is at this age when there are major changes in the body of children. Some alterations where nutrition plays a prominent role.

The influence of friends on the adolescent diet

At these ages, teens tend to be influenced by friends. If we have not taught our children to eat healthy, they may end up eating junk food.

Another of the biggest influences that teenagers have is advertising. Constantly on television and internet they see very attractive fast food ads, spots that are supported by the bidding to email. Instilling an own criterion where healthy food is very present, will help to avoid the influence of these ads.


Start with breakfast

One of the best ways to teach Eat well to teens is breakfast. Make sure that the three necessary foods are present in this meal: cereals, fruit and dairy products. A good menu could be a glass of milk with a toast of oil and tomato accompanied by a piece of fruit.

Another good breakfast could be a bowl of muesli with cereals. Teaching the adolescent the importance of having healthy breakfast every day will mean that he learns one of the most valuable lessons in nutrition: "breakfast is the most important meal of the day".

Meals and lunches at the institute

Many institutes have cafeterias where they sell industrial pastries and trinkets. In many occasions adolescents prefer to use their recreation to stay in this area and stuff themselves with these fat-filled products with their friends. From home you have to make sure that at this moment you opt for the mid-morning snack.

Of course we should not prevent him from socializing in the institute, but we must teach the adolescent that instead of products with so much fat he can ask for a better orange juice. This snack meal may also be accompanied by pieces of fruit or vegetables like carrots.

Adolescents: beware of lunch at noon

Often when a teenager returns from high school he is very hungry. You have to be careful not to let him stuff himself with food to satiate this appetite and teach him to eat with the head and not with the eye. Of course the lunch menu should also be healthy and contain vegetables, cereals, legumes and a piece of fruit for dessert.

Carbonated drinks and chips will be avoided in the lunch. There is always better water and a fresh salad to accompany the main course. The meats that are served should be lean and the visible fat and skin on the birds should be removed. The AEP also recommends that the fish be very present in this meal.

Dinner with family and without television

The AEP recalls the importance of dinners for family life. The schedules of the parents and the extracurricular activities of the adolescents make that in many occasions all can not be sat at the table. This food is what almost always ensures that all meet.

For this reason it will be necessary to teach the adolescent that dinners always, or almost always, should be in family. Precisely to encourage socialization and dialogue among the members of the house, distracting elements such as the TV or mobile phone.

As for the menu, the AEP recommends that this meal be lighter than the rest. A fish, a salad accompanied by a white meat or a cream of vegetables can be good options. Pediatricians also claim that from time to time you can opt for a Pizza to celebrate some special event, yes, remember that you have to be careful with the ingredients that are chosen.

Damián Montero

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