10 keys to educate in excellence

In the exciting task of education, parents and teachers play a crucial role, since the motivation of children to develop their intellectual interests depends to a large extent on them. If in addition to the taste for the study we seek excellence in education, it is essential to follow some foundations in the family educational approach, in teachers, in teaching schedules, in learning and its methods, in motivation and in all educational teaching activity .

Precisely, to pave the way for an education that aspires to excellence, Julio Gallego Codes, psycho-pedagogue and school counselor, in his book In Search of Excellence (Word, 2016) lay the foundations that will help us achieve it.

Educating in excellence is not an easy task. All parents and teachers who seek to educate towards excellence are obliged to know a series of determining points in order to achieve what they want, such as freedom, respect, motivation, the promotion of self-esteem, acquiring a good habit of study , educate affectivity or control emotional intelligence. All this to ensure that the child we are today educating tomorrow can learn to think with judgment and for himself.

10 keys to an education based on excellence

1. The illusion, the motor of learning. In an environment of hope and optimism, you will achieve greater achievements. Parents and teachers have a determining role when it comes to promoting the illusion in children and young people, as well as in the recognition of work well done. They should set an example, have good humor and always opt for the word warm and stimulating.

2. Freedom versus training. Education in freedom prepares the child to find who discovers what love is, in a situation of being loved. Freedom must grow and develop as it progresses and this will be achieved, in part, thanks to personal interest and motivation.

3. The capacity for reflection. Educating in freedom also implies a series of demands: dialogue, the promotion of one's own criteria, reflection, being ordered, and all this in order to forge responsible persons. "Society needs responsible and mature people to make decisions, which is why education in freedom is the one that makes it possible for men to be like that," explains Gallego.

4. Optimism and hope on the horizon. Education in excellence must be based on hope. Hope "dilates the heart" and gives us a more pleasant and happy life. Negative events are not permanent, but circumstantial. Therefore, it is important to have and build an optimistic attitude in children.

5. Promotion of self-esteem and self-concept. In the child, and in every person, what they say and think about him is of particular importance. In the self-concept of the children, the opinion of the adults has a decisive influence. Therefore, it is very important to offer the child our most positive vision.

6. Really form the character. To face this challenge, parents and educators must encourage the repetition of actions so that they become habits. Some of the tasks proposed in this book for this purpose are: teaching children to take advantage of time, assessing in a positive way the effort that has been made, punishing bad behavior, showing an attitude of strength in the face of difficulty, encouraging overcome discouragement or encourage good reading.

7. Have ideals. Work to achieve goals to pay attention to points and have ideals and goals to fight, bring order, educate in generosity and perseverance, know how to say no, overcome frustrations or educate the will.

8. Education in values. The family is the place where the values ​​that will be present throughout life are transmitted. Values ​​education should accompany and encourage children and adolescents towards increasing levels of autonomy. Educating in honesty, work and effort are the first values ​​that must be inculcated.

9. Duties, too. To achieve excellence in the study, parents and educators must know a series of tips to achieve this goal. In the first place, it is fundamental that the child acquires habits and strategies in the study, for which a study plan must be fixed and an order must be fulfilled. Then we must encourage continuity and to study every day parents should generate a pleasant environment that motivates and stimulates study. And the most important thing, according to Gallego Codes is to create "a campaign of praise for the effort". The promotion of reading is also crucial in the pursuit of excellence.

10. A well-ordered affectivity. According to Gallego Codes, another of the pillars that it is necessary to educate on this path towards excellence is that of affectivity."Sentimental education is one of the nuclei around which life is organized and it is in its deepest layers where the roots of almost everything else lie, that is why it is essential to educate the feelings, otherwise we would not be giving an integral education to the children ".

María Redondo

More information: In the book In Search of Excellence (Word, 2016). Author:Julio Gallego Codes, psycho-pedagogue and school counselor.

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