Lying early helps prevent teen obesity

A restful sleep It is important in many ways, from rest to other issues such as prevention of some diseases. For this it is good to teach the youngest of the house good sleep habits such as go to bed early if the next day we have to get up early. The latter could be especially beneficial when it comes to avoiding problems of overweight in adolescence.

This is revealed by a study from the Ohio State University where it is indicated that going to bed early helps the little ones in the house to prevent obesity when they reach adolescence. One more proof of how to accustom children to some good sleep habits It has important effects on the development of minors and a healthy lifestyle.

The eight hours of sleep, keys

To verify the effect of sleep on the prevention of obesity, those responsible for this study closely followed the evolution of 177 children born in 1991. The mothers of these participants were reporting throughout this investigation about the time at which their children sent their children to bed and annually monitored their health status.

The mothers of these children reported what time their children fell asleep when they were four years old. Half of them did it after eight o'clock at night, but before nine o'clock. On the other hand, a quarter of them did it at eight o'clock or even before and the rest of the participants after nine o'clock at night.

When controlling the weight of the participants when they turned 15The researchers appreciated that those who fell asleep at eight o'clock at night when they were younger were the least likely to develop obesity by adolescence. That is, those who slept the eight hours recommended by sleep specialists were less likely to be overweight.

The likelihood of obesity in adolescence increased in children who fell asleep between eight and nine at night. While the highest chances were recorded in children who went to bed after nine o'clock at night when they were younger. The obesity rate in these groups in adolescence were, respectively, 10, 16 and 23 percent, depending on the time at which these participants went to bed when they were younger.

Tips to prevent obesity in adolescents

In addition to having good sleep habits, there are many other aspects that can be controlled when it comes to preventing obesity when you reach adolescence. These are some keys that can help in the fight against overweight:

1.- Planned and balanced feeding. Try to avoid overeating with snacks, sodas, candy, etc. and instead increase the supply of fruits, vegetables, dairy products, pulses.

2.- Exercise regular physical. Practicing sports regularly such as walking or cycling with friends or family can be a good way to stimulate physical activity.

3.- Respect meal times. Try not to eat between meals high-fat foods and sugars, since these have two drawbacks: they provide many calories and few nutrients, in addition to removing the desire to eat much more nutritious food

4.- Do not forget the dairy. These foods are very important for bones to receive all the calcium they need. If you have a tendency to overweight, it is best to select skimmed or semi-skimmed.

5.- Carbohydrates as the main source of energy. You can find them in cereals: rice, oats, corn, wheat and its derivatives: flours and products made with them such as bread, pasta, cookies. They are also present in legumes.

6.- Beware of fast food. These foods get fat and feed very little.

7.- Eat slowly and without distractions. At the time of the meal, it is important to have distractions such as television, since more than two hours in front of this device favors obesity.

8.- Eat in moderation and variety. You have to take a little of each thing and not much of one.

9.- Involve the whole family. A healthy diet is good for all members of a family, whether or not they are overweight. In addition, the fact of going all to one helps that nobody skips these practices.

10.- Psychological changes. Adolescence is a time of important psychological changes that can affect the attitude toward food, appearing rejection by body image and eating disorders, in which case it is best to consult a doctor.

Damián Montero

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