10 tips to enjoy a day at the beach

The summer and the vacations of the youngest of the house have arrived. Together with the other members of the family, they face an era marked by free time and high temperatures. There are numerous options to fight against the heat and unemployment of these summer months. One of the most fun is a Beach day where sand and water will make the whole family have a great time.

10 tips to enjoy a day at the beach with your family

But be careful, you have to take into account a series of factors that can turn this pleasant day into a sad day if you do not take the proper precautions. Today we are going to propose 10 tips to enjoy a day at the beach as fun as you can imagine at the same time that your family is safe:

1. Do not forget the protection. Going to the beach assumes that a person will be exposed to the Sun for several hours. Therefore, protective creams are essential in this journey. There is a myth that depending on the age the damage caused by this exposure is greater or lesser, this is false. In fact, the Spanish Association of Pediatrics recommends at least a factor of 30 for the whole family, a number that should be increased depending on the pallor of the skin.

2. Respect the flags. Before bathing or allowing your children to take a dip it is important that you notice the state in which the water is. For this you only have to look at the flag that waves on the beach. These signs are usually next to the lifeguard's hut and depending on their color they indicate the state of the sea: red if there is too violent swell that totally prevents the bath, yellow that advises prevention by some dangerous waters and with a jellyfish in the center if these animals are present.

3. Always accompanied. The beach is a fun place but it is also full of people. With this agglomeration that a child is lost is quite easy, so you never have to leave them alone or out of reach. It is important to let the little ones understand this before stretching the towels so that they do not get too far from us. On the part of the parents there is not to raise the sight nor a single minute of what the children do.

4. Beware of sand. Building castles with sand is something very fun and that is certainly a reason for many photos to remember. But beware, these grains can be at high temperatures making the game impossible. It is always advisable to take sand close to the shore or to have a bucket with water handy to wet the one around the towels so that the child does not burn with too hot grains.

5. Eye with the depths. Unlike the swimming pools, the sea does not warn of its depth and when entering the water one can find the famous step that comes with a large gap. Therefore it is always advisable to bathe with the little ones so that these depths do not cost children a dislike.

6. Control the meals. A copious meal just before entering the water is totally prohibited, if we consider the cut of digestion. In this sense also remember the need to hydrate your children who with so much fun forget to drink water, always have on hand liquids so that the little ones will not miss a drop.

7. Do not disturb other bathers. Sometimes without realizing it, we can be nagging other people on the beach with our activities: a ball that escapes playing on the shovels, music that is too loud, sand that falls on their towels while a child makes a hole, etc. Remember a basic norm of coexistence: do not do what you would not want them to do to you.

8. The lifeguard sends. Explain to your children that any indication given by the lifeguard either personally or to the entire beach through a public address system must be strictly complied with.

9. Respect the environment. Leave the beach as you and your family would like to find it, this is something basic that you also have to understand the little ones. It is always necessary to keep the remains of food and other waste in a bag and then leave them in the containers in the vicinity. In this way we will make sure that we can all enjoy a clean and careful environment.

10. Organization. It is very common for the beach bag to become a tailor's box where everything fits. Then it is more difficult to find what we are looking for the first time, so it is advisable to choose a bag for toys, another for sun creams and other products of this type. It is also recommended to bring a refrigerator to ensure that the food we carry is kept in good condition and liquids do not heat up.

Damián Montero

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