The routine of the children: 4 tips not to leave during the summer

Come summer, many parents wonder what are the best habits for their children to practice during the holiday period. Some choose to continue fulfilling the same schedules and assuming the same tasks, others, to be more tolerant and leave them more flexible schedules to enjoy the months of vacation. The ideal is to adopt a medium term but, above all, to avoid breaking the routine In the kids. We offer you 4 tips not to abandon the routine in summer.

The importance of establishing a routine for children

Establishing a routine in children is not trivial, but responds to a need: having a series of habits and tasks internalized is essential for the little ones, since it makes them feel safe and calm, as well as that they feel a sense of stability. Setting a schedule and repeating habits make the child reach an emotional balance and is provided with an important help for the construction of his personality.

The psychiatrist Rudolf Dreikurs recognizes the importance of inculcating a routine in children, since it constitutes one of the fundamental pillars in the construction of his personality: "The daily routine is for the children what the walls are for a house, it gives them borders and dimension to life, routine gives a sense of security, established routine gives a sense of order from which freedom is born ".

During the school year, the child is aware and knows what tasks he / she has to fulfill when arriving from school: snack, homework, play time or shower. But sometimes, when summer comes, this routine breaks down and the child is more nervous and irascible, precisely because his daily routine has been broken and because he has a lack of stability.

In fulfilling the routine, parents and educators acquire a fundamental role. For this reason, it is very important that during the summer holidays a schedule is set and a balance is reached between work, leisure and rest.

4 tips so that children do not lose their routine in summer

The European School of Madrid and the European Children's School BEBIN offer four tips so that summer does not turn into chaos:

1. Acquire responsibilities
A good option for children to be entertained and not abandoning responsibilities is to take advantage of the summer to collaborate in the housework. Work such as folding clothes, making the bed or accompanying the elderly to buy can become constructive distractions for the little ones in the house.

2. The schedules
Parents can be flexible with schedules as long as the child sleeps the necessary hours and has a rhythm of rest, hygiene and meals that suits their age and family habits and customs. With regard to the hours of sleep in summer, it is recommended that children sleep more because physical activity is greater, so it is a matter of necessity. Although this point also depends on the routines that have been adopted.

3. Strengthen your knowledge
It is recommended to encourage children to read a book they like during the holidays so they do not forget what they learned during the course, and in turn consolidate their knowledge. In addition, to strengthen the family bond and encourage the educational habit of children in summer you can perform the following activities: travel, visit places in the countryside, interactive museums, or practice multi-adventures.

4. Maintain some routine in school tasks
In summer it is recommended that children continue doing some homework to maintain the routine and not forget what they have learned during the course. In addition, it is fundamentally recommended that you read comprehensively any book that you really like, to develop the reading habit that will be very beneficial for the future. It is also advisable to ask practical, simple and fun questions to practice mathematics.

However, the professionals of the European School of Madrid assure that "children have a capacity for adaptation much greater than ours and that thanks to their motivation, enthusiasm and desire to know acquire their ability to work in the first two weeks of school

María Redondo

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