10 museums in Spain to visit as a family

Bringing culture to children is the goal of many parents, who aim to expand the knowledge of children in a fun and playful for the whole family. To do it, nothing better than approaching a museum. Precisely, the International Museum Day, May 18 a date that tries to make the world aware of the importance of these centers.

Luckily, in Spain we have many museums that house from paintings and sculptures to archaeological pieces that transport us to the past. These visits to know our cultural heritage are an excellent opportunity to transmit to children the importance of these institutions and teach them how much they can learn in these places.

10 museums to visit with children and family in Spain

Here we offer you 10 museums that you can visit at any time of the year with your whole family. So prepare yours and start this trip for the culture that these centers offer us:

1. Archaeological Museum of Cordoba

The former capital of Al-Andalus was the center of union of three cultures, as well as an important Roman city. For this reason it is not surprising that a multitude of remains have been found that are a sample of the passage of these civilizations through Córdoba. The archaeological museum of this town brings together a large part of this historical heritage that will show you how Cordoba always had its importance in antiquity.

2. Museum of Fine Arts, Seville

The art embodied in paintings has its place in this Andalusian museum. Many works by great authors such as Murillo have their paintings in this museum. Fans of paintings will find a good reason to go to this center in Seville when they are told that this is where the Virgin of the Napkin is from the aforementioned painter: Bartolomé Esteban Murillo

3. Prado Museum. from Madrid

Do you need a presentation for this museum? Perhaps the best known in Spain keeps within its walls works of renowned painters such as Goya, Velazquez or Bosch. Take it easy, its multiple rooms will require you to make more than one visit to make the most of everything that this museum has to offer you and your family.

4. Museum of Romanticism, of Madrid

Small museum located in a manor house of S. XIX. Although something hidden, it is worth looking for this center that will teach what life was like during Romanticism and what differences this lifestyle had in relation to our days. In addition your small cafeteria will make you feel at that time while you taste a good cake.

5. Museum of ceramics, of Valencia

This museum is in itself a work of art since the facade of the building is declared an artistic-historical monument. Within its walls you can find pieces of Valencian furniture from previous eras. In addition, your carriage yard will surprise you when you see the magnificent transports among which stands out the carriage of the Nymphs, which seems to be taken from a fairy tale.

6. Museum of Prehistory, of Valencia

Because not only do the paintings have the right to have a museum as they mistakenly think. In Valencia you will find this center where there are archaeological remains that span from the Paleolithic to the Visigoth period. Vestiges with which you and your family can learn what life was like in the oldest epoch of human history.

7. Museum of Columbus, of Valladolid

Dedicated to the most famous marine of Spain, discoverer of America and of which, unfortunately, little is known. This pucelano museum offers the opportunity to know more about the mysterious Columbus who died in the building where this center is located. An invitation to retreat five centuries ago to meet this sailor who contributed so much to history.

8. Museum of Human Evolution, Burgos

The proximity of Burgos to the site of Atapuerca explains why this museum is located in this city. An impressive narration of how the human being has changed with respect to his farthest ancestors. Live the history of the human being in this museum.

9. Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao

Surely you will know this impressive museum that on the outside looks like a ship whose design corresponds to the architect Frank Gehry. This center exhibits some works outside its walls as Puppy, a nice dog made of flowers. But this does not mean that you should not go inside, because if you are a fan of contemporary art this is your place where you will find works with the signature of artists such as Miquel Barceló or Yoko Ono.

10. Palacio de Espartero, of Logroño

A neoclassical building is the place that harasses the Museum of La Rioja. This center houses from paintings to contemporary art without forgetting ethnography, that is, the history of the evolution of society. A quite complete museum that will agree with visitors with different tastes given its wide cultural offer.

Damián Montero

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