4 consequences of working sitting 6 hours a day


Or, to put it more clearly: if you remain seated six or more hours a day, you will be harming your health as much as if you smoked a pack of tobacco a day. That is, your life can be reduced to 15 years.

This is confirmed by numerous international publications and is collected by centers and universities, which have been analyzing the phenomenon of sedentary life after the incorporation of new technologies into our lives.

Since 2010, James Levine, director of the North American Mayo Clinic turned to the Obesity Initiative of Arizona State University, the phenomenon already baptized with the foreign "sitting" has not stopped studying.

From the American Cancer Society to the European Hearlt of Journal, the conclusions are not very promising: it does not matter if you practice sports for two or three hours after your workday, if during the same you have been sitting six hours straight.

The reason, explains chiropractor Ata Pouramini, is the design of the human body, created for movement. If at those six hours, we add the average that you remain asleep, about 7 * 7, this function remains as something residual. In addition, we have to bear in mind that not only is work the one that has us seated, but leisure, transportation and meals.

With so much immobility, who also sees denatured his organic function is soleus, the muscle of the calf responsible for the venous return of the blood to the heart. Its inactivity has, among others, the following consequences.

Consequences of sitting down

Sitting without time control produces overweight and obesity, and also type 2 diabetes, associated with bad lifestyle habits. The activity of the pancreas increases and we become more resistant to insulin.

There is also an increase in blood pressure due to lack of activity, a rise in cholesterol and increased risk, therefore, of suffering cardiovascular problems.

Of course, immobility favors fluid retention and circulatory problems.

As for our skeletal muscle system, Ata Pouramini warns of increased back and cervical pain, as well as the general weakening of the bone system, which in older people is a greater risk of fractures of the hip and vertebrae.

How to fight against sitting?

Waiting for the offices with tapes for walking or meeting rooms without chairs, among other possibilities, the first, according to the expert is awareness and the second the implementation of simple tricks that will relieve our body.

It is about introducing the movement in our work routine as follows: twenty minutes of standing, eight minutes sitting and two in movement.

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