Five ergonomic baby carrier backpacks perfect for hanging out with your baby

The imminent arrival of good weather invites to go out to walk with the little ones. To go with them, there is the option of the stroller or stroller, but we can also choose the beneficial ones baby carrier backpacks. We bring you a selection of the best valued in the market in 2015 so that you can choose the one you like best with the guarantee that others are happy with them.

And is that the walks or outings to run errands feeling our son well attached to us They are fantastic, have you tried it? They even serve to go hiking to the mountain although, yes, remember before buying any to take into account what is the best way to use baby carriers and know their risks. Once you've done it, let's go for a walk!

Five ergonomic baby carriers

Baby carrier of Manduca

This baby carrier is one of the best valued by Amazon users thanks to its great functionality: it can be used with newborns thanks to its seat reducer and when children are larger because it also includes a backup extension. It incorporates safety clasp and hood to protect the baby's head. Its price is around 90 euros.

BabyBjorn baby carriers

This baby carrier stands out for being very easy to use and to adjust. It can be used since the baby is newborn until it weighs about 11 kilos and can be washed by hand, which also makes it very useful. Its price is about 60 euros.

Boba baby carrier

For 50 euros this ultralight and waterproof model is sold, which is also very well valued by users. Ideal for active families, it is an ergonomic and very easy to use baby carrier. In addition, after use can be folded to save it and not take up space.

Moltó baby carrier

This Moltó baby carrier is ideal thanks to its ergonomic design and its reinforcement to protect the back of the father or mother that carries the child. Includes a protective bib and a pocket slide and sells for around 40 euros.

Bebemon musical baby carrier

This baby carrier has a plus of originality: in its back pocket it includes an amplifier and a music player to practice music therapy while you walk with your baby. It is designed for children from five to 13 kilos, consists of seven adjustable straps and can be put in three positions that ensure the best comfort for the baby thanks to its extra padding. It costs about 90 euros.

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