Expand the family: we are going to have twins!

There are only a few weeks left to give birth to a multiple birth, which is what is now called the pregnancies of twins, triplets or more. The work is going to be a lot and exhausting, but a good organization, habits and routines from the first day will be the key to better cope with the issue of expand the family, when twins come.

If your twins or twins have not yet been born it is very advisable that you spend time thinking about how you will organize when they arrive to have everything planned. After that there will be no more time. It is very useful to read, learn about multiple pregnancies and their care, the advantages of breastfeeding, or find support networks in various associations to talk with people who have gone through the same experience.

How life changes when twins or twins arrive!

The tiredness of the principle gives in after months, when one is organized and puts a lot of effort in not losing the north. Parents of triplets, twins or twins often hear from friends or acquaintances who do not know how they dare to go to the park with three, or take them to the nursery in the morning, or go to a restaurant * but it is essential to make a life as possible normal and multiple families should make an extra effort to get it.

When children grow up, challenges change, physical fatigue subsides, but more attention is needed to educate children who are of the same age, but different. On the one hand, they are much more entertained among them, on the other hand it is more difficult for equal children to take turns, yield to things, feel unique having one or more siblings of the same age.

Mom of twins, twins or triplets: take care!

Find time to be alone: ​​even if it is simply to make the purchase without haste. It is normal to feel anxious or too tired to take care of two or more babies at the same time, so when it is no longer possible it is necessary to seek help. Avoid trying to be a "supermamá", and try to learn to be more understanding with yourself. Reaching everything is a challenge, especially for the mothers of twins, twins or triplets.

Organize the unorganizable in the family

- Distribute the tasks: help as a couple. Having help is essential for the mother. It is necessary for the father to be involved in the care of the babies.

- Weekend habits. If possible, establish new habits to rest on weekends. Accepts help from friends and family and intensifies the father's help.

- Hours, habits and routines: Taking a daily routine is best for babies. Following schedules, bathing and dinner habits, light for sleeping, what twins or twins can be allowed, etc., helps to create a climate of tranquility in the upbringing of babies.

- Quadrants and spreadsheets. They avoid natural forgetting such as who pooped and who did not, schedules of takings, medication, etc.

- Educate the sleep times.Make sure the twins or twins are awake during the day so you can rest at night. Mark two day naps.

- Bath-dinner-sleep routine is essential, at the same time and in the same place. It does not matter if it's 8, 9 or 10 at night (the babies do not know about hours), but they do know that after the bath, the bottle or chest comes and then to sleep.

Family planning before the arrival of twins or twins

1. External help Plan and plan the help of relatives, babysitting, daycare ... for the care of babies before and after joining the work.

2. Organize a double basket. Before babies are born it is advisable to foresee everything you will need for their care: clothes, twin strollers, two cribs or bassinets ... Keep in mind that when they are born there will not be time for all that.

3. Solve the economic aspects. With two or more babies at home the expenses multiply and the aids are few.

Ana Aznar
Counseling: Madrilenian Association of Multiple Births

Video: (100% Proven) How to Get Pregnant With Twins!

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