The supermama that changes four babies at once and triumphs on the internet

If having a child is not easy, imagine four small at a time. A woman becomes a mother as soon as she has her first child, and is a 'supermam√° ' in that it shows the incredible powers that every mother develops when she has to raise her children ... and everything that goes with it. If not, tell it to this supermam, the last viral revolution of the Internet.

Millions of people have been surprised by the This Canadian mother's incredible ability to change diapers and clean four babies at a time. Yes Four. The best, he does it with a smile on his face... and he has shared it with the world so that everyone can appreciate his incredible powers, learn from her and, why not, have fun with these tender images.

Change diapers to four babies at a time

Because their four children are not at any age: Olivia, Jackson and Levi are triplets of eight months, with which they are already sufficiently awake to have to take care that they are not going to move and fall out of bed. The other one is Emily, a little girl and nervous girl in the terrible two years. A time bomb!

In spite of how adverse the task can be, this supermam lLamada Corrie-Lynn Whyte demonstrates her powers ... And get to change the four victoriously! The video is also edited with music that makes it inspiring and fun to watch. Do not miss it!

The video has been uploaded to its own Facebook page, 'The Baby Gang', where this family shares its adventures since, almost by surprise, they went from being three members to nothing less than a large family of six. You can see their post and see how, sure, they do not get bored.

Angela R. Bonachera

Video: The Other Mummy | Yeh hai Aashiqui | Episode 62

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