15 original costumes for children for this carnival

The carnival It's a fun party that can serve as an excuse to have a great time with family while we disguise ourselves as beings of the most diverse. Therefore, we encourage you to disguise this year with some of these ideas for your children.

Although the carnival has no age, it is true that children are the ones who have the best time with costumes becoming mythological beings, in his heroes or in characters from his favorite series and movies (and fashionable at that time).

Therefore, we review below some ideas of original costumes for children: from babies to more 'older' children. Which one do you stay with?

Funny costumes for babies






5 costumes for children

Ninja Turtle

Where is Wally?


Pirates of the Caribbean


5 costumes for a girl

Alice in Wonderland



Medieval maiden


Video: 100 Last-Minute DIY Halloween Costume Ideas

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