Secure Internet: Recruit with your children

Today, February 9, numerous countries around the world celebrate the International Day of Internet Security. A day, promoted by INSAFE (European network of Awareness Center), the European Commission and different organizations such as in our country, and whose motto is this year "Play your part for a better internet"or"Put on your side for a better internet".

International Internet Security Day: objectives

The objective, it is not another, that to promote a responsible and safe use of the network especially between minors and young people. As parents of digital native children, born and raised in a connected society and with technology always at their fingertips, it is a good time to ask ourselves what we do to make the Internet a safer place.

It is clear that we educate in these moments to a different generation of children, the so-called digital natives, who live in a different world and who are able to study, buy and have fun, all through the same screen.

So perhaps today, when celebrating an event like Safer Internet Day 2016, in its twelfth edition, it would be good to reflect on how is that digital divide that separates us from the interactive generation that lives in our homes and what we do to sew it.

This society demands a change in the educational task by all: institutions, educators, parents ... Experience shows that the use we make as parents of the Internet and new technologies in our homes will depend on the relationship of our children with the net.

Ideas to support the International Day of Internet Safety

In addition to registering for the Conference organized by the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism, through here you can contribute by spreading in social networks what you are going to do for a better internet using the labels # SID2016 #Iplaymypart #playyourpart or sharing the promotional video this year.

From the organization remember these other actions to support the Safe Internet Day from different groups:

1. Children and youth they can create a better internet by being kind and respectful of others on the Internet and social networks, protecting their reputation online and that of third parties and looking for positive opportunities to create and share online.

They can also help by reporting inappropriate content or fighting cyberbullying. According to a survey conducted by the Alia2 Foundation, cyberbullying is the biggest concern for 55 percent of Spanish parents.

2. Parents and educators They can support and supervise their children's online activity by maintaining an open and honest dialogue with them.

3. Teachers and trainers They can teach children and young people digital literacy skills, provide positive content online and support them if they encounter problems.

4. Companies they can create and promote positive online content and services, develop ethical and transparent policies and protect our data on the internet.

5. Public institutions can ensure the safety and well-being of children and young people through effective strategies for the protection of minors for the digital world.

The origins of the International Internet Security Day

This year, Safe Internet Day It will be held in more than 100 countries around the world.

The origins of the celebration of this day go back to 1999, when the European Commission launched the Secure Internet Program, which aimed to promote responsible and safe use of the Internet, with special attention to the protection of minors in this environment. The different actions developed over time led to the creation of the International Day of the Secure Internet celebrated for the first time in the year 2004.

Maybe as a society we should all put a little more effort to dedicate time and training to these issues, reading, listening to the children, entangle with them on the internet and learn about technology. It is important not to stop being a valid interlocutor also in your virtual life. In this way, and among all, we will make the internet a safer place.

Launch of "Pilar y su Celular, historias para contar"

On the occasion of the safe Internet Day celebration of 2016, Pantallas Amigas and Telefónica launch the educational program "Pilar y su Celular, historias para contar" with the aim of providing educational solutions to the challenges presented.

This program consists of ten animated stories that deal with everyday situations of the main character, Pilar, serving to reflect on how to enjoy and share digital life mediated by a cell phone.A didactic guide that will provide tips to get the most out of each one of the planned adventures detailing their educational possibilities and proposing learning activities both in the school space and in the family.

With tools like these we take advantage of the opportunity to recycle ourselves, to entangle with the children in the network and learn from them, that technology does not catch you in "off mode".

Today International Internet Security Day, # SID16, let's set ourselves a goal on what we can do on our part to make the internet a safer place for the benefit of society and our own children.

María Zalbidea González. Blog author Sewing the digital divide

Video: Training for Children's Ministry Course-9: Keeping Children Safe

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