This Santa Claus talking to a girl in sign language will thrill you

When people say that a picture is worth a thousand words, they probably refer to moments when a girl with language problems sits on the legs of a Santa Claus * and he talks to him, but in sign language, to Let the little one understand. Do not miss the video, because these 40 seconds have thrilled more than two million people since December 5th.

Mali Phoenix Williams-Cody is a three-year-old British girl who, like millions of children in many parts of the world, went to a mall to get on the legs of a Santa Claus and tell her what she wanted as a Christmas present. However, Mali's mother had to explain to Santa that the little girl has difficulty communicating.

Far from just taking the photo with the baby and letting it go, this Santa Claus showed a sensitive side that has moved many: he decided to communicate with her using sign language.

A reaction that has moved the world

As the photographer who captured the moment explains, Mali is not deaf, but her difficulties in communicating (both to listen and to speak) have caused the little girl to go to special teaching centers, where she has learned sign language.

Santa Claus, to know the special situation of the little girl, asked the mother if Mali knew how to sign him. Before the affirmation of his mother, this Santa Claus "touched the heart of the whole world when he began to speak in sign language", explains the author of the video.

Santa asked the little girl if she wanted a doll for Christmas. "His reaction is priceless and we were moved by all those who saw him live", recalls this photographer in the description of the video.

Reaction to the video

"I'm not crying, it's just that I have something in my eyes," say many of those who have seen the video on this site. And is that if you have two million visits is not for anything else but everything that conveys: "the true meaning of Christmas," according to another user.

The positive comments telling your feelings with the video are many. Several users talk about how this image "melted their hearts", and others mention how excited they are and that there should be more people like this Santa Claus. What do you think?

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