15 little details that mean a lot to children

We are used to talking about the small details as a formula for rekindle love or keep the flame burning, but what about the children? The little ones in the house care a lot about these little things that, although it seems that they are not worth anything, for them they mean a world: that their parents think of them and love them madly.

There are many ways to demonstrate love for a person, formulas of expression of feelings that will depend on how the person feels and how he receives the feeling. With everything, the universal language of small details It is great to practice it on a daily basis as a family. Do you join the little daily smiles?

Little notes in the refrigerator, family secrets, special days (without anything more special than being all together) are small details, little things that they cost nothing and make our parents happy and, most importantly, the children. They may not be aware of how much they love these details until they are older. By then, you will have transmitted an important message to them: the love of the family.

Small details for day to day with children in family

1.- Leave a small note or candy from time to time in your school snack

2.- Increase the volume of the music while doing housework and having a fun dance moment

3.- Teach you pictures of when you were your age to laugh together about how everything has changed (and the clothes you were wearing!)

4.- Use in public the gifts that you make

5.- Create a family slogan and repeat it to give you encouragement when you need it

6.- Show enthusiasm for what he likes and interested

7.- Have a special day a week for some ritual: the movie and popcorn on Saturdays, the (any lunch) on Sundays, the park on Fridays, and so on.

8.- Let your child hear you say something nice about him

9.- Once in a while, let her choose her own clothes to go for a walk or to make the purchase.

10.- Ask your son to teach you how to do something and then congratulate him on how good a teacher he is

11.- Cook every now and then together

12.- Make your favorite dish When he is sad

13.- An excursion

14.- Thank you when you do housework on your own

15.- Sing together at home or in the car

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