Decalogue for a good summer as a couple

The holidays are here, finally! The long days of routine are interrupted by time of rest and relaxation, days of water and sun ... and excessively intense coexistence. It is a time for which we have been working the rest of the year and it is worthwhile to go on vacation with some keys to avoid conflicts and to make love triumph in summer.

Decalogue to enjoy your partner during the summer holidays

1. Park stress. The feeling of haste and overwhelm is common in families that have to juggle to reconcile all work and family tasks. We have to make an effort to release that tension. It will take us a few days to really disconnect.

2. Park also what binds us to stress. We can limit the use of the smartphone, propose not to consult the email constantly. The world is going to keep turning and may need our attention, but if we set a daily schedule, our partner will not suffer.

3. Daily logistics is not a problem. In summer there is more time available and also more desire to rest. Sometimes, that disorganization typical of vacations is the one that produces tension in the marriage that does not know how to fit the daily tasks because the agendas are not organized in detail. You have to enjoy those moments too.

4. Spend time together, without more. It does not mean going to a remote destination after having managed to "place" all the children or spend more money. The times together can be brief, a while of chatting while the children play in the sand, a coffee in the after-dinner while the rest of the family watches TV, a walk while the teenagers have left or even make the purchase alone. The important thing is that they are of quality and that the marriage is fully aware of being enjoying.

5. Talk. During the year, it happens to us on many occasions that we keep something to tell the other when we get home. But when we get home, life gets complicated and we do not count it. The summer serves to recover the opportunity to communicate.

6. Listen It's even more important than talking. Listening to the couple is very important for a good relationship. It requires our firm will to attend to those questions that, due to lack of time, we do not listen to the other, although sometimes they result in boring origins.

7. Properly manage lists of "angry". We have been collecting material for eleven months of what the "opposite" has done to us. When we get to summer, we can review what really was not as important as we initially thought and what we did. In that case, we have to treat it without reproach, with a positive attitude.

8. Take care of our physique. Our partner is the person who has the most to care about and this has to be noticed. It does not mean not being able to "get comfortable", but it is noticeable, even in comfort, that we are dedicating time to like our partner, not the rest of the world around us.

9. Enjoy family life. The children make up the marriage. Summer is a good time to enjoy with them and recover complicity through them. Even if the couple is not all pink, life in the family will make that sense.

10. Devote yourself to the contemplation of the other. Summer helps us to adjust the feeling and the will, to rediscover all the good that the other has.

María Solano

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