How to dress the baby in summer

Summer arrives and, with it, the very high temperatures. Just as food is not the same during the summer season, it is necessary to haveI'm careful with heat and babies, which can cause us to ask an important question:How do we dress the baby just a few months when the temperatures are so high?

At the time of dress the baby for summer, you should bear in mind that the sensation of body heat that you may have as an adult is not the same as that of the baby, since his skin is very finite and his body temperature regulation system is not yet fully developed. This makes Babies can not isolate their body from the outside temperature as we adults do. However, we can not cover them too much because it is not good that they sweat excessively: their skin can be irritated. For all this, you have to prepare the baby for the summer.

How to know if it is cold or hot

Touching the hands and feet of babies is not a good indicator to know if our child is cold or hot. Conversely, it is best to touch the neck and part of the thorax: if you are sweating you will find that it is hot, and you will have to take off clothes, give it fluids and refresh its skin. This heat can also make the baby more watery.

Clothes for the baby in summer

In the middle of summer, the truth is that the best is that the babies go only with the diaper in the hottest times of the day. Now, the rest of the time it's good that they wear some clothes on the thorax that, yes, be of linen or cotton, It is more fresh and pleasant to the touch with the skin. It is also advisable that it be light and loose, so that it does not overwhelm the baby.

And with the feet? Experts recommend that the legs are uncovered, although it is good to put soft socks and cotton so that the feet do not get too cold, not only if they touch the ground, but also if they are in the car.

Baby care in summer

In addition to this, remember that the hydration of babies is essential at any time of the year, but much more in summer. As we explained in this article about heat and babies, keep the house at the best possible temperature and prepare refreshing baths for your baby in the hottest hours.

At night the care varies: there are places where temperatures drop much more than in others, and this peculiarity must be taken into account. As usual, put your baby a summer pijamita and controls that you do not lose body heat by the feet.

Key tips for summer

- Special Beware of sudden changes in temperature by air conditioners. Therefore, it is good to always carry (yes, even in July and August) some extra clothing for such moments.

- Try that the Baby clothes are made of natural fabrics such as cotton and linen: shorts, cool dresses and cotton shirts light colors, light and broad, the best clothes for this date.

- Avoid bodysuits or undershirts, that when adjusted to the body give more heat

-Special care taken care of protect the skin and head of the child from the sun to avoid sunstroke, burns and heat stroke. Always wear hats or caps.

- Choose a Appropriate footwear: open and leather or canvas, they help against sweat and fungus.

-Care the hydration

-Do not leave during the hottest hours

-Ventila the house at night, and have the blinds lowered during the day

-Do not abuse the air conditioning

Angela R. Bonachera

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