Advantages and disadvantages of cloth diapers

It seems that the 'vintage' is in fashion, and the Cloth diapers, so similar to those used in homes several decades ago. The truth is that these baby products have more and more followers, and not in vain has created a market around them with various types of cloth diapers. We tell you the pros and cons of buying cloth diapers.

Disadvantages of cloth diapers

The truth is that they require an important initial economic investment Y they are more laborious, both to place them and to wash them: obviously one is more convenient to use and throw than another that we wash. Still, it has more pros than cons.

Reasons to use cloth diapers

Despite the initial economic investment, cloth diapers they are more economical in the long run, you do not need to be buying new ones every three times and, in addition, you can inherit them, just like clothes, so it's an added saving.

Cloth diapers they are very useful, especially in the first month of the baby's life, which is when he has the most sensitive skin. The reason is that they do not have chemical products, and hence the importance of washing them well, without using bleach or softeners, and rinsing them with plenty of water.

This is also related to the baby comfort: imagine being in plastic underwear, it's not very comfortable, right? Proponents of cloth diapers ensure that babies are more comfortable with them.

Of course, another advantage of this product is its impact environmental: if you care about the world we live in, these are the diapers you should use. It is estimated that for each child who uses disposable diapers about five trees and about 10 times more water than if they used cloth diapers.

In addition, some people say that children who wear cloth diapers they learn before to control their sphincters and, therefore, leave the diaper before. As explained in the website Crianza Natural, this is because when you wet the cloth diaper you notice it immediately, while with the disposable you do not realize it.

They are beautiful: Yes, another advantage is that these diapers, being like panties, are more beautiful and aesthetic. There are many different models in a variety of materials that are sold at prices adapted to all pockets.

Are you convinced? If you have tried the cloth diapers and would add some more advantage or inconvenience, do not hesitate to tell us!

Angela R. Bonachera

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