Mother's Day: five technological gifts for mom

Does your mother love the technology? The answer is affirmative or negative, the truth is that new technologies represent endless possibilities of original gifts for everyone, and also for mothers. As the Mother's Day, we give you five ideas original and technological gifts that you will love and probably be of great use to you.

Because you do not have to be a 'digital native' to enjoy the new technologies, here you have five perfect ideas for all tastes and ages. A timeless gift that will serve you for that First Sunday of May, the Mother's Day. I'm sure you appreciate an original and useful gift!

Technological gifts for Mother's Day

External hard drive

Whether you are good at new technologies or not, there is a constant: the photos! Any mother will appreciate an external memory where she can keep all the photos of her children, her trips and her friends. There are different prices and capacities. If you add a cover to take care of it and take it wherever you want, the triumph is assured.


Does your mother like to read? Then, another perfect option is an ebook. Although at first you may not be "very funny" because you prefer to turn the pages of paper, you will soon be captivated by this device in which you can store hundreds of books and transport them everywhere without weighing. In addition, you can put the font size you want, and read it under the sun.

Portable battery

Smartphones are with us all day, but it is true that their battery usually runs out soon, especially if they are used for a long time in applications such as WhatsApp. If it is the case of your mother, a charger that can carry in the bag and that weighs nothing. Hit safe.

Selfie Stick

We've already talked about the photographs, right? And what gift is more fashionable nowadays than a Selfie Stick? Although in principle has detractors and followers, if your mother is one of those who have signed up for the fashion of selfies, this device will enchant you. There are many prices and types, but it is best to see that they have a trigger, like the one in the image.

Mini Speaker

Is your mother the one who does not separate from music? So, this mini-speaker with Bluetooh is your perfect gift. They sell them in different colors and their price does not reach 20 euros. Ideal for listening to music anywhere, with a five-hour autonomy.

Angela R. Bonachera

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