Premature babies and children with asthma attacks descend after the anti-smoking law

Evidence of improvements in the air after the application of the anti-tobacco lawThat is, the prohibition of smoking in public places is clear: almost everyone will have been able to verify that they breathe better. However, its health benefits go further: Premature babies and children with asthma attacks have descended after implantation.

"With the anti-smoking law fewer children go to the hospital with asthma attacks and fewer premature babies are born", that is the conclusion of a study published this March in the journal Evidence in Pediatrics which aimed to investigate the effect of anti-smoking legislation on child and perinatal health, in order to advise on political decisions.

Study on the effects of the smoking ban

In the study, researchers have carried out a selection of different previous studies addressing "the relationship between the introduction of smoking ban in the workplace, public places or both and health outcomes in children."

So, they extracted the data from these previous works to compare them with each other, in such a way that they determined that the introduction of the anti-smoking law has decreased the number of preterm births, that is, before the mother left the accounts.

But not only that, they have also found that hospital care for asthma has been diminished immediately since the introduction of the new anti-smoking law, also seeing a trend that the number of cases of asthma attacks in children will continue to decrease.

The importance of these findings is clear: it is about the health of the children, who will be the adults of the future. And, in addition, it has a monetary representation: another recent study mentioned by this research estimates that anti-smoking laws would mean a joint saving between the United States and Europe of just over 5,000 million euros for the reduction of hospitalizations for asthma.

"The health benefit would be very high, given the high prevalence of asthma in children, "say the authors who, however, warn that there is" some risk that this type of legislation can increase smoking in the home, which over time could reduce its effects " Therefore, they ask that complementary measures of education be taken to prevent the increase of smoking in the home.

Angela R. Bonachera

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