Christmas in San Sebastian with children

Christmas is a very special date and, as in any corner of Euskadi, in San Sebastian you can find a wide variety of plans to enjoy with children unforgettable moments. Fairs, Christmas markets, and typical events in the area, such as the delivery of gift cards to the Olentzero, are part of the most typical plans of the Christmas in San Sebastian with children, that you can not miss.

The Santo Tomás fair at Christmas in San Sebastián

The little ones will have the opportunity to enjoy the St. Thomas Day, which is celebrated every December 21 in the city of San Sebastián. It is one of the most anticipated events of the year, where children and adults can entertain themselves at Christmas with the large number of positions and activities that take place this day.

It is a great opportunity to taste delicious cheeses, honey, cider and typical cakes from the area, as well as the main protagonist of the party: the txistorra, which is sold hot and accompanied by bread.

This day, the day of St. Thomas, is celebrated since the mid-nineteenth century, so it is tradition to dress as "baserritarra" (home) with the traditional Basque costume. Dances, markets, music ... it's the perfect day to experience it as a true Donostiarra as a family!

Delivery of letters to Olentzero de San Sebastián by the children

If you want to turn children into protagonists, one of the most typical Christmas symbols in this area is, of course, the Olentzero. You can not forget to deliver the letters to the Olentzero, the Basque Santa Claus, that every December 25 brings gifts to children. To bring children to the Olentzero, there are many parades where you will have the opportunity to meet and ask for the gifts you want.

Christmas markets in Euskadi

And besides, there are many Christmas markets that are celebrated throughout the province. At San Sebastian market, which is behind the Cathedral of the Good Shepherd, from December 18 to January 5, you can find products such as soaps, bags, shoes or toys made by local artisans.

Another of the most important traditional markets in the area is the one held in the town of Ordizia. Although the market they celebrate every Wednesday is very well known, the extraordinary Christmas, they organize the Dec. 24, is the most anticipated event in this town. Local products, cultural activities ... star in another unforgettable experience to live as a family.

Finally, in the town of Irún, it is celebrated from the December 22 to January 4 Christmas Children's Park Pin Pan Pun. The fairgrounds will be filled with attractions, workshops, games and fun guaranteed for the whole family these days.

Silvia Tellechea. Director of Hagoos.Tourism and family leisure in Euskadi, Navarra and La Rioja

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