The top 10 of the master's degrees

Nowadays the master is astudy necessary for academic preparation, because due to the high level of demand and competitiveness that exists in the labor market, a university career is not enough to find a job. Masters are a necessary ingredient to access any job, and the bestthey add great value to the curriculum. All allow to acquire greater professional maturity.

To take a master's degree it is necessary to have previously obtained a Degree or demonstrate several years of professional experience.

The new curriculum introduced by the European Union in 2010, the so-called Plan Bologna revolutionized the educational system of almost all European countries, including Spain. From that moment, in our countryBachelor's degrees became degrees This being the last year in which the Ministry of Education accredits students as graduates to make way for graduates.

The degrees have a duration of 4 years, compared to the bachelor's degrees that lasted 5. The next level that implemented the Bologna Plan is the master's degree, which lasts two years and, finally, the doctorate, which is accessed through a specific master's degree. and that extends the preparation time to 4 years.

What is a master and what are its characters?

A masteris a second cycle Official Postgraduate study, which precedes the third cycle study, which is the Doctorate. It usually lasts between 1 and 2 years, and its objective is to expand knowledge on a given subject. Normally the young people usually study the master once they have finished the race, although there are people who dedicate themselves to it while they work. This supposes a double effort, since it is necessary to combine the time of study and of attendance to the classes with the personal, familiar and labor life.

The top 10 of the master's degrees in Spain

1. MBA from IESE Bussines School. IESE is the business management school of the University of Navarra, founded in 1958. The strong growth that this school has experienced since its founding places it in the Top3 of the best schools in the world. It was the first European school to implement the MBA (Master in Business Administration) and the first in the world to offer the bilingual MBA. It also offers the Executive MBA, a master for the preparation and training of executives.

2. CESMA Business School with the MBA in Business Management and the Executive MBA. This school is characterized by going beyond the professional preparation of the students looking also for their personal development, emotion management and internal motivation.

3. ESERP School of Business and Social Sciences. It adapts to the needs of those who want to complete their training by offering a Master in Business Administration and Management, an MBA and an international MBA. In its three venues, Madrid, Barcelona and Palma de Mallorca, an employment forum is organized every year, attended by numerous collaborating companies such as Coca-Cola, Adeco, Vodafone, American Express and La Caixa.

4. EAE Business School. With a trajectory of more than 50 years and four campuses, two in Barcelona, ​​one Madrid and with an online campus, it offers the Master Global Executive MBA, a novelty of this course aimed at creating programs for senior executives, and the Executive MBA.

5. Multinational MBA from ESADE Business School. It is one of the ten business schools of world reference. The Multinational MBA is aimed at entrepreneurs and managers with at least eight years of experience. It also has the Executive MBA, which allows the completion of several subjects on international school campuses.

6. Icade Business School, as an integral part of the Faculty of Economic and Business Sciences of the Universidad Pontificia de Comillas. The MBA of the University of Comillas is a university master in Business Administration that aims to serve as a bridge between undergraduate training and incorporation into the world of work. With more than 20 editions behind him, he has the Executive MBA.

7. MBA from the Carlos III University. In the center of Madrid with renovated facilities. It combines academic excellence and practical relevance. Practical cases and participatory classes are abundant.

8. IE Business School has become an international benchmark for its support for business creation. Next September, IE and Singapore Management University will launch the IE-SMU MBA. It is the only MBA in Singapore with a methodology that combines face-to-face and online training. This 10-month MBA will include five face-to-face modules

9. Deusto Business School and the MBA. They tend to recruit talent regardless of the social or economic status of the candidates, so it offers students grants and agreements with different financial institutions. The MBA of the University of Deusto focuses on three axes: the digital and networked company, the creation of sustainable value and the innovative and entrepreneurial attitude. It also has an Executive MBA aimed at young people with at least 5 years of experience.

10 IEB, Institute of Stock Market Studies, was born 25 years ago before the need to train new professionals before the modification of the Law of the Stock Market. Offers an MBA with specialization in Finance. Its methodology stands out for the study of real and topical cases and the realization of business simulations.

Ana Vázquez Recio

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