The delay of paternity in couples

Although the majority of Spanish couples want to have children, the current economic and employment situation makes them delay the time of doing so. It is increasingly common to find couples who consider having children in the consultations, but who delay this decision due to the economic situation. The crisis directly influences the postponement of having a baby and the number of children desired.

Reasons that delay paternity as a couple

Surveys carried out on Spanish women and men who live together as a couple, differentiating between children and adults over 45, show the difference between past and current family planning.

The findings reveal that the fact of Having a stable relationship is the main element of decision both in the past and at the present time, although now the economic and labor situation is particularly important. Other reasons that influence short-term paternity are the illusion of enjoying them and the age of the couple.

Specifically, 70 percent of respondents said that the economic crisis is delaying its time to have children. Likewise, 80 percent of women and 56 percent of men say that this circumstance is influencing the number of children they wish to have.

In addition, the studies also reveal that half of the respondents who are already parents consider that the economic situation has drastically influenced the number of children they wanted to have.

On the other hand, and even though having a child has been traditionally a decision shared between the couple, At present, five percent (4% are women and 1%, men) make this decision without taking into account their partner. The survey also shows that the average age of cohabitation with which couples first consider being parents is 4 years.

Problems in delaying motherhood

The specialists explain that the problem of delaying motherhood is thatthe older the woman is, the quality of the ovules begins to decline, therefore, problems to get it. At the present time, the average age at which the woman gives birth to her first child is 37 years, while, two years ago, it was 35, an age at which the quantity and quality of her ovules

As the years go by, the chances of having an abortion increase and the fetus has anomalies. Doctors say that the best period to have a child is the decade of 20 and 30 years.

Gynecological advice for fatherhood

The studies show that, when couples decide to have a child, they take into account gynecological advice (40%) and the results of ovulation tests (13%). Currently, there are methods to know the ovarian cycle, such as ovulation tests that help a lot to women when it comes to having a child, although many couples they do not use any method to know its fertile moment what can generate more stress and difficulty when it comes to getting pregnant.

In general, when choosing a contraceptive method, couples before and now prefer one that does not have side effects. Finally, the study also mentions that the main care of babies currently falls jointly on the couple or on the woman individually, while in the past, the role of the woman was superior and the lower set .

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