How to use family tablets

Anyone who has a tablet and children at home will know about the enormous attractiveness that these represent for the little ones. It is of fundamental importance in the education of our children, since the possibilities that the tablet is offering is a whole new world that is expanding, which helps the knowledge and training of the little ones.

The tablets have become one of the most attractive elements for children and each time its use occurs at younger ages. The important thing is to take advantage of this relationship and use them to education, language teaching, concentration and early learning of concrete contents in a natural way

The use of a tablet can be an interesting and useful tool for the cognitive development of the child. This device is able to stimulate the learning process of the child through a large number of apps in a simple and pleasant way.

The capacities that usually develop the child through the tablet range from reading and writing, drawing or visual and auditory stimulation of the child. In addition, the tablets suppose an enhancer of the capacities of creation, investigation, discovery, curiosity, reasoning, attention, resolution of the problems or decision making of the smallest.

What is the recommended age of the child to have a tablet?

It will depend on the child, although infant tablet manufacturers put as recommended age after three years. There is no established age, the father must know what is the state of maturity of the child and that is able to interact with their environment.

How should the use of the tablet be in children

The role of the elderly is fundamental in the relationship between the child and the tablet. The key is that parents assume the commitment to regulate their use in small in a rational and common sense.

The control of the time the child spends with the tablet is essential to avoid excesses or possible dependencies, in addition, we must dedicate a time to the control of the choice of content that we will expose, and thus prevent access to information not suitable for the age of the child.

Beware of tablets in adolescence

Adolescence is a vulnerable age for our children suffer cyberbullying, we must take special care with children who have already passed the age of 10, since at this age the least one begins to be more jealous of their intimacy. The use of mobile phones in adolescents is also a matter of alert for parents.

Noelia de Santiago Monteserín

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