How to educate gratitude in your children

Like any other feeling, gratitude can also (and must) be educated. We parents have to do everything possible to empower and educate, fostering this feeling in our children. Gratitude as the determining feature to inculcate in the personality of children and youth so that they will be successful in all aspects of their lives.

Over the past few years, various scientific studies have shown that gratitude is one of the most valuable and important emotions and virtues. The authors, specialists in this field, make available to parents and educators effective strategies that can be used on a daily basis, exemplified by numerous real stories, so that children appreciate the positive aspects of life.

The value of gratitude in our days

At first, like the rest of the feelings, gratitude is very unstable and intermittent and will depend on whether you like it or not do something or if you do it to please the adult. If this is so, absolutely nothing happens; the parents with a lot of patience and perseverance will work this feeling of gratitude so that it will remain settled as part of their personality, as a stable quality.

We can say that it has been fully consolidated when the child is able to understand that, although he is not pleased with everything he does or says, we do it for his own good. Before achieving this, we can observe how gratitude will always go hand in hand with positive gratification. That is why it is very important that we continually recognize our child how well he does things, making frequent use of positive reinforcement.

The boys and girls educated in gratitude have a greater self-discipline and manage to establish more complete and effective social relationships. Parents and teachers must be able to connect better with them so that they can focus on the things that really matter and, therefore, can create a more cooperative and prosperous society.

Oscar González

More information in the book Educate in gratitude. How to teach to appreciate the positive of life. Authors Jedrrey j. Droh and giacomo Bonus

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