Drugs? Definitely not

The drug they are easy to access, as well as economical and attractive for young people's curiosity. They think that they are a good resource to have a good time, but in reality they lead most of the boys and girls who consume them to personal failure. Knowing all the information about drugs and their consequences is essential to prevent or be able to take action on the matter in time.

Reasons that invite drug use

Many young people begin to use drugs due to complete ignorance of the consequences that can result, and for that reason they get carried away thinking that nothing will happen to them.

Other boys and girls consume drugs because for them it means evading themselves. They tend to be young people fleeing from a reality that they are not able to accept. The trigger for some cases are problems in the family, in others the fear of failure or studies. It is an escape valve that makes them forget about their problems for a few hours. Sometimes, a Weak personality is as dangerous as ignorance itself. The friends, the pressure of the group, the desire to identify with them.

Physical consequences of drug use

Drugs always pass a serious bill to the body, and the worst is that many of these damages are irreparable, especially those that affect the brain. The lesions in this organ occur from the first moment in which the consumption begins, although it is carried out sporadically. The intake of these chemicals, especially at ages less than 21 years, permanently harms the hippocampus, causing learning capacity and memory to deteriorate permanently, since the neurons that are destroyed are not replaced Never

Tips for parents against drug use

- From small you have to train in self-control and in the existence of values ​​beyond the satisfaction of desires.

- In Spain, the use of drugs is not punishable, but its traffic. It is not difficult to find the "camel" of each zone; I'm sure many young people know who he is. That person who traffics can be denounced or told to leave a certain area.

- Having problems at home, with studies or friends can induce the drug. Therefore, before recriminating his error it is convenient that let's analyze what the causes have been that have led him.

- It is important to discuss the issue with our children when it is the right occasion, in addition to providing articles and books that show the effects of drugs and scientifically agree on why these substances should be rejected.

- Promote sports in the family It also helps to keep children away from drugs, as it is shown by different studies that young people who have interests and a busy life are unlikely to become consumers versus those who are on the street or with friends without more activity than the one to be together.

- Care in the nightclubs: it is a place where the drug moves a lot and is offered for free. This type of trickery can be seen especially in the bathrooms of the premises.

Teresa Pereda

Advisors:Tom Scott and Trevor Grice, authors of the book "Ladrones de cerebros" (Editorial Palabra).

More information in the book: Brain thieves, Tom Scott and Trevor Grice.

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