Ready to be parents: fears and doubts

Many parents are overwhelmed with the many decisions they must make regarding the education and health of their newborn child. And fears arise. Have you felt the vertigo of motherhood? Did you feel like crying when you knew you were going to be a mom or dad? Maybe you thought ... and now, what do I do?

Being parents is, without a doubt, the most important task of life and, in many occasions, for which less prepared we are at the time of assuming it. In fact, babies do not come with an instruction manual under their arm. There are no recipes or magic formulas that guarantee success. You have to be clear that you are going to make mistakes-despite efforts and good intentions-and, many times, we will not be aware of them. Being a parent is a permanent decision-making exercise.

Without a doubt, having a baby is the most exciting of life's journeys. Thanks to the workshop - presentation that Bugaboo organized for the launching of the Bugaboo Fox, we had the opportunity to share some of our main challenges as parents with the company of the exclusive contents that they offered us around a round table Laura Baena, founder of the Club de Malasmadres, Lucia Benavente, illustrator and creator of the LucíaBe brand, María José Cayuela, founder of the Fashion Blog for your Baby, Beatriz Gaspar, creator of the blog Con Botas de Agua, Pablo Sánchez, founder of DrinkingRunners, David García, partner of Yorokobu, Julia Puig, Roots and Wings ... and this was what they told us!

Fears and doubts about the arrival of a baby

There are as many experiences and currents of opinion as you want to find. Each of us live the news of the arrival of a baby in our lives in a different way and on how to take it, there is no perfect recipe. We have to go choosing and eleborando our own way working according to the circumstances, feelings, capacity, faculties and all the information that we can have.

David García, partner of Yorokobu "Well, the first time, I felt terror. Huge Terror, if because it reaches a certain age and ... you look for it and you are aware that it will happen at some point. But of course, it is one thing to visualize it and another is reality, which almost never has anything to do with what one visualizes. Actually, you've been listening to a lot of people for years, telling you a lot of experiences, of which you have to discriminate 95% because they are totally different realities from yours. And ... well just at that moment an adventure begins, especially to discover how it is done. There is no manual ... or they did not pass it to me. You take them into account, each time to a lesser extent, at first you enter a super dark cave and use everything you know at the end. Until you start discovering how everything works, well, how it works for you, of course, because ... I'm very reluctant to give advice to friends who have had children afterwards. As time goes by is when you are creating your own experiences to adapt to what is ahead ".

Laura Baena, founder of the Malasmadres Club. "At first fear, no. First emotion and happiness. But then the fear came. And maybe it was even more. But, at the beginning, I remember that when it appeared in the predictor that I was pregnant, I ran to call my mother, my sister ... everyone as crazy. That was a great moment! "

Julia Puig, author of the blog Roots and Wings: "Well, the truth is that when Oliver was born I thought that supposedly this had to be the happiest moment but, since I was so shocked and had had such a bad time after giving birth, I think I lived to see the predictor, what I had to have lived in childbirth. When I saw how the world stopped me, what I felt when I saw it was, first certainty, because I was convinced that I had stayed that month, I had been looking for four months and I knew that was going to be my month, and then a peace and a infinite love, I said, this hit me more than having felt it at the beginning. But I do not know, I was so exhausted, tired, that ... then I also wanted a lot in that moment. But the moment of the predictor I remember it as one of my greatest moments of motherhood ".

Lucía Benavente, brand founder LuciaBe "I am that I am still very deluded, as always. I thought I could do everything. That a son ... You realize later. It's after you say, oysters and this! What did you expect? But, I have never felt that fear. It has come later, perhaps frustration has come ... because it is real. For example, yesterday I had a plan that I really wanted and ... I could not go because I had the three children at home. And well, being a mother means giving up certain things. And that's love, sometimes, you have to give up. "

María José Cayuela, founder of the Blog of Fashion for your Baby. "When Jorge arrived, I felt like the happiest woman in the world, because I was very wanted and because I had been planning my life for a long time: traveling, because I loved traveling and ... there was a moment when I said:" I've had enough of traveling I want to be a mother, I want to settle down. "And the moment I knew that I got pregnant, I never had the fear of saying now I will stop doing something, because I already wanted to. "It's what I want, I'm not afraid, I know it's a new stage in my life and, I want to do it." What happened to me was that I took a shorter day, but I still had the same brown, the same calls from all over the world. team ... Then it was when I had my second daughter when I decided to manage my life, to continue working on what I like most, but, deciding myself ".

Beatriz Gaspar, author of the blog With boots of water. "When you do not have children, maybe you do not mind extending the days as long as it takes ... But when you have a baby and, putting in extra hours means you see it, it changes your perspective, it changes your priority and, maybe that you get a little more demanding in the company to say "no." I knew that motherhood supposed this, and I assume that having a child changes your life and your rhythms will change and your plans will change too. I discovered that ... as a mother, creativity is unleashed a little, that is why I decided to create "With Boots of Water" and, tell the world that you can continue making plans, that you can continue doing a lot of things ".

Pablo, founder of DrinkingRunners."In the end it is a change of situation, of course you can see it from the point of view that you have renounced something, that it is true and, more so in the case of a mother, well in your case it is like that, a mother who takes it there nine months ... but many things are also changes, that is, you leave school and go to university, you leave university and go to work ... Well, now a child arrives ... The arrival of a child supposes to grow, it is to mature ... and you change your Priorities If the child at four in the morning claims you, you have to be there because it is part of the maturation of the human being. "

Marisol Nuevo Espín

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