Less antibiotics to increase your defenses

Most childhood diseases are caused by germs: viruses and bacteria. Viruses should not be treated with antibiotics, are common infections, which have their course and the child ends up recovering on its own. Moreover, your child's immune system takes advantage of collecting all the possible information to deal with other types of pathologies. If, in the face of a disease of viral origin, you administer antibiotics to the child, you will really be harming them.

Your son / daughter is in a vital stage for his / her development: he / she is discovering the world. It is an ideal time for him to develop physically and emotionally through contact with the outside world, but his immune system is also being formed.

Even if it seems to be a lie, children who get dirty, play in the park with sand, catch insects, or splash in the puddles until they get lost, they are children who will grow healthier and with greater defenses against diseases, because their defenses will grow knowing hundreds of microbes and will not develop hypersensitivity to them.

When are antibiotics advisable?

Antibiotics do not cure a cold, a cold, or otitis media. Parents are sometimes guilty that our children are prescribed antibiotics, because we think it is the only way to heal, and we insist to the pediatrician to prescribe them. Also, we also self-medicate, thinking that they are identical symptoms to the last time he was sick. This is a serious mistake, as recent studies have shown that 90% of diseases of viral origin such as pharyngitis, laryngitis or acute sinusitis, which are treated with antibiotics, can remit spontaneously.

According to experiences published by Hospital del Mar (Barcelona), acute otitis media, very common in children under 5 years of age, which is usually treated with antibiotics, is cured in 90% of cases with nasal decongestants and analgesics. For these reasons, when the child gets sick we should take him to the pediatrician and he should diagnose if it is a bacterium, in which case he will prescribe an antibiotic.

Harmful effects of antibiotic abuse

An abusive or inappropriate use of antibiotics contains potential dangers that all parents must know, as more and more strains of bacteria become resistant to these drugs. The more antibiotics are prescribed, the greater the chance that your child will be infected with resistant bacteria.

Every time we take an antibiotic, the sensitive bacteria are destroyed, but the resistant ones can stay to grow and multiply. The repeated and inadequate use of antibiotics are some of the main causes of the increase in resistant bacteria.

Belén Trujillano
Advice: Dr. Cristina Esteve

Video: The Immune System Explained I – Bacteria Infection

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