Father mower, do you cut your child's obstacles?

Every parent likes to ensure the best for their children, to give them facilities so that they can achieve their goals. However, it is necessary to establish limits so as not to become a figure that eliminates obstacles to their children, preventing them from facing setbacks and facing difficulties, as well as assimilating the responsibilities that he must execute for themselves.

The figure of helicopter father It is up to these parents who always surround their children and avoid problems. Typology that now finds in the father mower a new referent. What characterize it? An anonymous teacher defines it through the experience he had with one of these parents and narrates in the blog WeAreTeachers.

Cut obstacles

This education professional explains that like the mowers eliminate weeds, these parents "cut"the obstacles in the way of their children, that is, soften their rough edges and that the development of the smallest is free of problems, avoiding situations of struggle and facing the setbacks that may arise in the day to day of all .

Examples of "cutting obstacles" are many. From doing homework in subjects that are given wrong to the little ones, preventing them from improving and polishing their defects, until you pick up your room. Another evidence of how parents solve all problems in their children is the case that led this teacher to write this publication. A father anxious to get a product to his son.

This professor thought that it would be a medicine or an inhaler, when in reality it was a bottle of water and that it was his son who had made this request through a message. The author of this publication explains that this example shows what a father mower is because in this case the child could have solved his thirst by going to one of the pumps of the school.

Allow them to fight

Helicopter parents can alter the good development of the little ones by preventing them from facing their own problems, and solving them, as well as being able to assume their responsibilities and face the setbacks. These are some of the tips offered by Educo to avoid these problems:

- Children are not perfect. No one is perfect, children are no exception. The smallest will have defects and parents should allow the smaller ones to solve this situation.

- Do not solve problems. Advice and support, until there should be the work of parents in front of the problems of their children. For example, if the delivery time of an exercise has passed, the child must assimilate that he has made an error and not wait for an adult to solve this situation.

- Take it out of your comfort zone. The youngest must leave their comfort zone and face situations that are not comfortable for them, take risks and find a way to achieve their goals with no help other than advice from their parents.

- Learn to say no. Seeing a child in a bad situation can make parents feel sorry and end up taking responsibility for what they should have done. But in these moments you have to be firm and you will learn to say no.

Damián Montero

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