How to teach children to be a good classmate

The return to school came, the little ones return to the classroom and they will spend hours and hours learning. But not only will they internalize knowledge, they will also socialize with other children of the same age. From the games of the recreation, to the accomplishment of joint works. Be a good partner It will help these moments be taken in the best possible way.

Before starting the course you can remember several concepts related to good fellowship. A way to ensure the progress of the school year and the excellent development within the classrooms. For this reason, from Facundo Quiroga School, several councils are remembered for this purpose, making the school not only a place to learn, but also to be able to build great friendships.

Empathy and thinking about others

From this school you remember the importance of thinking about others and not only about yourself. This is the best way to ensure coexistence, create group conscience. A objective to achieve with the following tips:

- Create group feeling, a spirit that encourages and does not enclose itself.

- Cooperate with common purposes, either a team victory while playing at recess or achieving school work.

- Be generous not only with those who know each other. An example is to receive new colleagues and treat them in the best possible way in order to integrate them.

- Know the skills of others and learn from them. In this way, the smallest will empower

- Knowing yourself in the best possible way to know what can be contributed from one that serves others.

How to overcome shyness to make friends

Is the problem to adapt to new environments the shyness of the smallest? Is this the reason that makes it difficult for children to create a group? These are some tips that are offered from the Hospital Sant Joan de Déu to overcome this sensation:

- Do not force him. "Say hello", "do not hide", "go play with the children". The reaction of some parents to the shyness of their child is to insist that it be open and to urge him to have a behavior for which he is not prepared. "The best we can do when the child acts with shyness is not to insist, force or force, the more we say, the less we will get," says Sara Tarrés, author of the maternity blog My mom is a child psychologist.

- Avoid overprotection. Overprotective parents take the floor in their child's name and come to comfort him every time he shows withdrawal. This, however, does not help the child overcome his shyness little by little. It is also not advisable to avoid at all costs situations that may be uncomfortable for the child, since social isolation only increases the problem.

- Do not tag. Labels to minors are dangerous. It is not advisable to shield from others the attitude of the child with the classic "is that he is very shy." In a new situation, it is better to let it relax little by little, until you accept it normally.

- Sociable parents, sociable children. If the children observe that their parents adopt a behavior and a sociable attitude in the face of new circumstances (they do not show themselves inhibited, or withdrawn when they meet someone or arrive at an unknown place), they will learn and assume this way of acting with all naturalness.

- Opportunities to interact. Remaining to eat or go out with other families with children your age, invite a friend to eat or sleep at home, join a team sport or go to the park frequently are some of the opportunities that parents can offer their children shy to practice their social skills. It is important to accompany him at the beginning to provide him with the security he needs and, little by little, to allow him to adapt naturally to new situations.

- Recognize their merits. A small uninhibited gesture is an important effort for a shy child. Therefore, it is important for parents to value their positive attitudes towards shyness and to recognize with words the merit of the child. This recognition will help you trust your abilities and will make you feel more secure in future occasions.

Damián Montero

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