Sport as a tool against post-holiday syndrome

The holidays are over, not only for the little ones in the house. The parents also have to say goodbye to these moments of rest and put themselves at the controls of the home again. In addition, they return the early mornings to go to the work. Reencounter with all these obligations can make stress knock on the door and remind you of past days, full of fun and leisure plans.

And is that the postvacational syndrome He is one of the most annoying visitors after the summer. However, there are many techniques to avoid it, from beginning to adapt to these routines before they begin, dedicating the last days of summer to readjust, to sports. Physical activity is a great idea for all those who have to face the end of their summer break and the beginning of this stage.

Reactivate the body

The first benefit to be highlighted of sport against postvacational syndrome it reactivates the body. During the holidays many have been the hours of inactivity and few dedicated to these practices. Taking advantage of the days before resuming work to get going is an excellent idea. In this way, the feeling of vagueness will be less and it will be much easier to put yourself at the controls of so many obligations.

In addition, as stated by the Center for Psychology Santiago Cid, sport helps acclimatize to the activity after the summer. Although these practices have nothing to do with work or occupation to perform, it means putting the agency to work and accustoming it to a certain rhythm.

The sport will also help to readjust to early mornings. Although the summer is ending, the high temperatures mean that the activities have to be developed early in the morning, or at end of the day (more difficult option given the obligations within the home). A good way to rejoin this calendar and the schedules that will not be common in a long time.

Stress reduction

Sport is one of the best tools against stress. Practicing these activities causes people to evade their problems and reduce their mental load. Something that can also be applied to the return to work and the sensations that readapts back to the work environment while missing the holidays.

In addition, during sports practice, the production of endorphins. Something that helps to start the first days of work with a smile on the mouth, instead of the sadness that means remembering that not long ago he was enjoying a long break. It is always better to start these situations with happiness and not with a sad face.

Damián Montero

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