How to avoid distractions in children before the start of the school year

The school year begins, it is time to start facing responsibilities again. Study for exams, deal with the tasks that teachers send and do the work. While there must be moments for rest, the concentration As long as these tasks are carried out, all possible attention must be paid and distractions must be avoided.

The attention must be maximum, especially at the beginning of the school year. After a summer of fun, the first days can be done uphill and the mind can be easily distracted. Therefore, in these initial days it is important to know how to make the concentration The student focuses on his or her obligations and does not evade, making the pace more difficult to follow.

Study environment

The room where the child studies must be propitious for this purpose. A table, good lighting and the school material necessary to comply with the obligations. Elements such as smartphones, game consoles or music players must be vetoed so that they can capture the attention of the little ones while fulfilling their responsibilities.

Creating a study environment should not only focus on the physical space where responsibilities take place. Parents should also motivate their children for the beginning of the school year. For this it is not advisable to wait until the academic year begins to recover the rhythm. Before the end of the holidays, the parents must propose to their children several tasks of review. In this way the children will abandon the leisure mentality that they should have during this period of study.

For their part, parents must respect the study schedules of their children and interrupt them as little as possible. When passing near your rooms, the noise should be minimal and always respect these moments of tranquility and concentration. Except in case of extreme urgency, or to detect possible distractions, parents should stay out of these locations.

Classroom attention

While work to maintain concentration begins at home, the real test is in class. In these moments is where the student must put all his attention in the lessons, base of all teaching. Here are some keys for parents to help their children in this mission:

- Talk about the rules. Before setting foot in school, parents should remember the basic rules of coexistence and ensure that no element of distraction accompanies their children to school. Smartphones must remain at home except in case of emergency, as well as portable video game consoles or any other element that may be the subject of the student's attention.

- The benefits of the routine. The schedules in summer can cause that the smallest ones lose in their responsibilities. Routines are a great idea when it comes to strengthening concentration. Making the child fall within specific guidelines will help him to know when he should attend and what he should not.

- Have breakfast forever. The first meal of the day is the one that provides the necessary nutrients for the first hours of the morning. Respect this moment translates into charged batteries and a good concentration in the classroom. Keeping this routine on the table during the summer is a great idea.

- Motivation. Before going to school, children must have a clear motivation to be able to fulfill their obligations at the center. Whether it is meeting their academic goals or being able to face a summer without problems because of the failures, the youngest must take these aspects into account.

Damián Montero

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