Stress in selectivity, how to avoid catching young people

The selectivity, a final test before starting university and that presents itself as a major challenge for students. Stress appears as an inseparable companion of young people who face this last step before entering higher education. Anxiety that can make these exams have a very different end to what was expected.

Learning to control stress before exams will help ensure students have a good rest. Although it will be difficult for young people not to experience these sensations prior to their tests of selectivity, you have to learn to control them. For this the National University of Distance Education, UNED, the following tips are offered.

Before the test

Anxiety and stress are usually, as already mentioned, two companions who continue with the student before their exams of selectivity. Here are some tips that will help young people get over:

- Develop good study strategies and habits. Students should already know what their best abilities are and what techniques suit their skills. Applying them will help keep calm in these hard times.

- Time management. Stress can sometimes result from too many hours of study. While you do not have to rest on your laurels and be carried away by laziness, some breaks are not too much.

- Organization of the material. Do not overload, it is better to distribute the contents to study than try to cover everything at once.

- External pressures. Parents should try not to act as a lobby against their children. While a touch of attention in case of appreciating relaxation, we must remember that pressures are never good.

- Create a trusting environment before the exam, remember that everything possible has been done and that now only the final test is left to face.

- Avoid thinking about the exam in the previous hours. Better to face these moments with a relaxed mind and at the moment when the test begins to concentrate.

- Keep foods away that lead to heavy digestion and increase feelings of stress.

During the exam

Stress can also assault while the test is performed, but you have to overcome it and do the test in the best possible way:

- Read the instructions carefully and know what is being asked, in this way the student will remain calm when verifying that he / she masters the test.

- Control the time during the exam. Do not run or relax, keep in mind the march of time will avoid last-minute burdens.

- When questions are blocked, better go to the next and return later. Momentary blocks may appear.

- If the rest of the students begin to deliver the exam, do not stress. Each person has their rhythm.

Damián Montero

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