Visual stimulation exercises for the baby

The eyes play a very important role in the way of knowing reality since the first days of life. Numerous stimuli and experiences enter into the baby's brain, and in the first place, the mother's vision. The visual capacity of a child increases very quickly and each day that passes, will be willing to make new discoveries.

Exercises to stimulate your baby's vision

1.- Follow with the eyes.In this exercise, our son will have to try to follow the movement with his eyes and with his head. We will use a ball or any other figure that catches your attention in the center of your field of vision, at a distance of about 20-30 cm. Of their eyes. We will turn the object, we will move it slowly to the right and there, we will make other turns. You have to do it slowly so you can follow the movement.

2.- How it moves! We can use any mobile toy. The baby should follow the movements of the figures with their eyes. We will let them move on their own first, and then we will show them with their finger the movement they have followed. In this way, you will begin to learn the movement-object relationship, which will help you synchronize your eyes and hands.

3.- Where it appears. When the baby is relaxed and calm, we can slowly place an object within his field of vision beginning at about 10 cm. behind his right shoulder. Once in the center of your field of vision, we can lift the object about 10 cm. above his head, returning it to place later in the center. We can lengthen his arm until he touches the object; also, we will make you follow with the hand the outer and inner circles.

4.- Your favorite toy. We will perform this exercise with your favorite toy, or with a plush or stuffed animal that you can easily grab. We will place the toy in your hand and we will help you to extend the arm, to shake it and to move it from top to bottom and from right to left, while it has the object grasped; In this way, you can follow it with your eyes. To stimulate your vision, we can reinforce the game if we speak to you with different tones of voice each time you make a move.

5.- Games with balloons. To have a fun time, we can tie a balloon of colors (red and white) to each baby's wrist. Probably, we will have to teach him first that moving the arms raise and lower the balloons. Soon it will be he who moves them voluntarily and will observe what happens. We must be careful to use a fine thread and do not tighten it too much.

6.- Hide and seek game. From small children, the variants of the game of hide and seek are very successful. At the beginning, we will start by hiding a part of one of your toys, or the teddy bear and we will ask you: "Where is it?". In this way, talking to him, hiding and making the object appear, we will stimulate him. Another variant consists in hiding the face with both hands and discovering it, or part of it: the eyes, the ears, etc.

7.- Talk to him before he sees us.Every time we talk to our baby, it is good to look him directly in the eyes, to see us. But doing this exercise we will also be stimulating your vision: it is about starting to speak to you before appearing in your field of vision. For example, when we go to your room, start talking from the hallway. He will look for us with his eyes. In the same way, we will continue talking when we separate from him.

8.- Who moves? Now it's time to move the baby and leave the object still. We will leave your favorite toy on the table and catch the baby moving slowly from left to right, so he learns to look at an object while he moves. What fun! We can repeat this exercise from top to bottom.

Beatriz Bengoechea

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