How to use natural cosmetics for the care of your baby

There are hundreds of baby cosmetics designed to avoid irritating your bottom, to moisturize your skin and keep it soft, very sparkling bath gels that smell like cotton so that our little ones are well scented and clean. But did you know that most of the baby cosmetics we find on the market contain a lot of synthetic ingredients and petroleum oils?

The skin of the baby is very thin and sensitive to these substances that can cause irritations on your delicate skin, as well as containing a large amount of allergens, so we recommend using cosmetics that are made with natural ingredients or at least derive from nature.

Natural cosmetics is basically composed of oils and vegetable waxes that guarantee that they contain all the properties to help keep the protective mantle of the baby's skin healthy, so that it is not unprotected and that they take care of it without irritating it.

It is true that there is a lot of information on the subject and knowing which ingredients are the most suitable for cleaning our children is, sometimes, an odyssey and confusing, but today we give you some small guidelines to make the change and to introduce the natural cosmetics in your family, especially in the care of the little ones.

The first and most important thing is to avoid cosmetics containing petrochemicals and sulfated detergents, so it is important to look at and read the list of ingredients known as the INCI list (International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients).

Cosmetics for cleaning your baby and the whole family

Natural gels for the whole family

The shampoo, the body gel, hand soaps, most contain sulfates, bath substances that are very irritating and unknowingly can be very aggressive to the skin of a baby. A very good alternative that gives you natural cosmetics is to opt for a liquid base soap, which is already made with ingredients derived from coconut or sugar that are suitable for the care of children and the whole family and can be used as shampoo or bath gel.

Use vegetable oils as moisturizers

Vegetable oils are obtained by the cold pressing of nuts, seeds and fruits of different trees and plants, which provide the skin of the whole family an extra vitamin, protect the skin from external damages and especially for the Babies are the best option to avoid applying conventional creams that contain petroleum derivatives and synthetic perfumes.

The most suitable oils for the baby

- Marigold marigold: It is an oil very indicated for the skin of the baby because it is very respectful with the delicate skin, it treats the redness by calming the itching and avoiding the peeling of the skin.

- Apricot oil: It is a very mild oil that contains a lot of vitamin E and can be used to treat eczema in children and the crust of the infant. This oil is ideal to make a relaxing massage after bathing.

Replace baby colonies with hydrolates

The waters of typical colonies, apart from containing a large amount of alcohol, are composed of synthetic ingredients that act as allergens that can irritate the respiratory tract of the smallest. The alternative that we propose is to use the hydrolates, which are the aqueous result of steam distillation of the aromatic plants. Many of these waters help to perfume in a healthy and natural way.

The most suitable hydrolates for babies and children

- Azahar Hydrolate: its floral scent brings a lot of comfort and comfort in times of great stress, helps babies relax and fall asleep. It is a fresh and subtle aroma.

- Rosa damascena hydrochloride: It is the most used hydrolate thanks to its sublime smell and fantastic refreshing properties that will tuck your baby.

These are some small tips to be able to use natural cosmetics at home and to implement it little by little and enjoying its great benefits not only for the little ones but also for the whole family.

Rocio Rivera. Co-founder of Atelier Bio

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