Reading in summer improves the results at the beginning of the course

A lot of free time is left in the summer. A leisure space that can be occupied in multiple ways. Knowing how to choose the options will not only allow the smallest of the house to entertain themselves, but they will also be able to receive great benefits. It is the case of reading, an activity that allows children to immerse themselves in fantasy worlds and let their imagination fly.

But also, bet on the reading During the summer it also helps the little ones prepare the course while they are on vacation. This is indicated in a work of The Wallace Foundation where this activity is presented as a simple and economical practice that marks the summer period and also allows students to prepare their entry to the next course.

Loss of habit

While reading during the summer is a recommended activity, on holiday many students lose this habit. Free time is invested in other matters, causing the student level descend This affects the minors once the course starts by having to reach the level they had before finishing the academic year.

This foundation cites several works that show the Benefits of not leaving the reading during the summer and that encourages parents to encourage this habit in their children while they are on vacation. Among the benefits that have been registered highlights the learning of new language and the development of the imagination of the smallest of the house.

Expand the vocabulary of More smalls will allow to recognize new words at the beginning of the course. On the other hand, the development of imagination in students helps them have a greater chance of success when facing the resolution of activities such as mathematical problems. Although the most important aspect is that thanks to reading the child performs an intellectual activity during their vacations.

As with the reading level, the student's mind remains stimulated intellectually. This will allow you to have a better start in their school year and to pay more attention, and more efficiently, so they will not lose the level even during their first days.

Encourage reading in summer

As it has been said, after so much time in the classroom it is possible that you have free time to make the little ones of the house interested in other activities. It is up to the parents to encourage this habit during the summer months and to invite their children not to leave aside this recommended habit. Here are some tips to get it:

- Family practice During the summer parents can choose one, or several days a week in which reading is the chosen activity. Let each one choose the book and then comment on the experience.

- Be interested in reading the children. Show interest in what children read is a very recommended option for children to show how much they are enjoying this reading.

- Know the offer. Giving a book at the beginning of summer gives the child the option to start this habit. To do this, nothing better than knowing the interests of the children and knowing the market's offer in order to be right with this present.

- Allow them to choose. If the child is already a regular reader and knows what catches his attention, parents should let him choose his next reading.

- For the little ones, it is a good idea to read them while they are in bed so that they begin to get acquainted with these paper mates.

Damián Montero

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