Lost children, how should parents proceed?

There are situations that can not be foreseen. Certain circumstances can surprise parents badly, from an unexpected cold to the loss of a child in a shopping center or during an afternoon in the park. A brief dismissal of the elderly is enough for the little ones to find a route that they do not know how to draw upside down, remaining unknown.

While this situation puts the parents' heart in a fist, it is essential Keep calm during these moments. Knowing how to proceed at this time can cause this problem to be resolved early by taking each correct step. Therefore, from Kid Power, an organization dedicated to the safety of children, there are guidelines to follow for those who see themselves in these circumstances.

My son has been lost: how to prevent risk situations

The best way to avoid these situations is to prevent higher risk of loss present. An example is a visit to a crowded museum or a beach full of people where it is not difficult to lose the reference simply by looking away. In these cases nothing better than remembering an action plan so that the child knows how to behave correctly.

These are some ideas that should be made to assimilate the child in these situations, so that in case of getting lost, to act correctly:

- Do not keep walking, the child must be clear that continuing to walk in a place that he does not know can suppose that he gets even more lost.

- Find a nearby place in which to be safe and to be able to wait for their parents.

- Ask the authorities for help, It is good that the child knows how to recognize figures such as guards in museums, or a coastguard on the beach. These people are the ones who should go.

- Do not give data to strangers. In any case, you should look for figures that transmit security to you as other families to explain their situation.

What parents should do when a child is lost

Of course, children are not the only ones who should follow a plan in these situations. Parents will also have to take into account some basic points when it comes to finding a lost child:

- Divide the tasks. A father can contact the authorities of the place, as before said museum information point or vigilantes in silver, while the other looks for the son in the place.

- Provide data to locate it. Parents should indicate to these authorities how their child was dressed and any other information that facilitates their location, it is not a bad idea to show one of the photos that are on your mobile.

- If the child has a smartphone, there are applications that can be installed for quick location through the paternal mobile.

- In the event that they get lost in a park or on the street, one of the parents has to stay in the same place so that in case the child retraces his steps, he can find one of his parents. The other must act looking for him among the crowd.

- Once the reunion occurs, parents should not respond with a quarrel. Serenely they should show joy because the problem has been solved and when the situation is solved, explain in a calm way that they should take extreme precautions next time.

Damián Montero

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