Children's parties at home: tricks not to be overwhelmed

There are many mothers who are overwhelmed when thinking about the organization of a children's party at home and is not for less. Chewing gum, food, scratches on the walls ... The truth is that when children are a few years old it is very difficult to control them.

Practical spirit to organize a children's party

And is that children, more than snacks, what they really want is to play. Therefore, with the prospect of organizing a treat of these characteristics in children's parties at home, the best recipe is creativity and practical spirit. With a little imagination and common sense, the snack can be a truly incredible event.

To create a truly spectacular children's party, the first thing to keep in mind is the number of invites. Thus, for example, to insist on inviting the whole class can be a big mistake. It is best to make a small selection with the help of the honoree. Of course, it is always convenient that all boys and girls are more or less of the same age.

Inform guests

Once the list is drawn up, the next step will be to formally invite each of the children to the celebration. Whether by phone or in person we will have to review not only the start time of the party but also the "possible collection of guests"... This point is especially important, especially if we do not want to run to a dozen small fierce in the corridors until late at night.

In terms of decoration we can decorate the room for children with balloons and colored streamers.

It is convenient that we have planned some games to do with the children and, of course, a few prizes for the winners.

A cumbersome drawing on the wall!

Traditional drawing competitions are usually not very advisable: a colored pencil in a child's hand can become an "uncontrollable weapon". The confetti, although for many is an essential part of any party worth its salt, at home it can be easily spread around every corner. Think about it, before buying it.

In the same way, it is always good to control the rooms of the adults in the house, since these are usually the most desirable for children.

A very useful possibility when it comes to entertaining the little ones is to hire services of a clown or a magician who entertains them. Not only because it will dazzle them for a couple of hours but because during that same time we can take advantage of it to rest.

A snack with little work

The snack should be appropriate for the age of the guests: on a nice and fun tablecloth (we can find them in paper or plastic, even with children's themes) we will place the glasses and the plastic plates. Nothing to get the porcelain china, we would spend the afternoon suffering!

Precisely for this reason, it is convenient to opt for materials that can withstand the careless treatment of children. Covering the floor under the table with a plastic carpet is a good measure of prevention. So, if a glass falls to the ground absolutely nothing will happen ... avoid the corresponding blot, of course.

The food, above all simple and abundant: sandwiches, potato omelette, peanuts, ganchintos ... are usually the most useful solution in these cases. And if we do not want to complicate our lives very much, let's not doubt it, there are a lot of establishments selling trays prepared for occasions like this one.

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