Walking hand in hand with the couple has great emotional benefits

Life in partner It has numerous benefits for both spouses. To have a close companion with whom to share tastes means to be able to enjoy great moments that fill with joy the day to day. There are many activities that can be done together, from a movie in the company of the other person to a simple walk through a pleasant area.

In fact, the act of walking hand in hand with another person brings great benefits for each member of the partner. This is the conclusion reached by the study prepared by the University of Colorado and published in Scientific Reports. This activity supposes for the individual a greater emotional control that helps to avoid the pain generated at this level.

Interpersonal synchronization

To analyze the effects of these activities on individuals, the team led by Pavel Goldstein It brought together a total of 22 couples to know the effects of sharing these activities. For some time it has been proven that walking hand in hand with the couple makes both individuals synchronize.

The steps are synchronized to be able to converse at the same pace as the other, even breathing develops at a similar frequency. This new study has explored the benefits of this fact in situations of emotional pain and how it can help alleviate these sensations.

To measure whether taking the hand had any benefit for the couple, one of the members was subjected to a small discomfort caused by a heat source. In those scenarios where there was contact between both and therefore the synchronization was developed, the one that was going through this small "suffering"I endured it in a better way.

On the contrary, by being far away and not producing synchronization the feeling of discomfort was total. To the surprise of the researchers, the moment the couples separated their hands, the pain returned until they repeated this activity. One of the hypotheses that would explain this result is that the empathy that is demonstrated with the touch of the hand has an analgesic effect.

Goldstein notes that interpersonal synchronization can play a big role in influence in an area of ​​the brain that is associated with the perception of pain, empathy, and cardiac and respiratory function. This would be the reason why, in moments of anguish, the presence of the other person is of great help in offering this contact.

Other benefits of life as a couple

As has been said before, life as a couple brings great benefits for both members Of the same. These are several of them:

- Wide the known world. Knowing other people means getting in touch with their tastes, which expands the world that has been seen so far.

- A companion for the bad moments. As this study has shown, having someone close allows people to vent their bad moments.

- Improves health. Having a partner means more activity, more walks, bad habits of life are left aside and there is more chance of surviving situations like heart attacks.

Damián Montero

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