Youth messages for young people, new proposal against drugs

Communication is one of the means with which to fight against every problem. In the case of drug addiction, send messages with which to warn of the risks involved in these practices is essential. However, adolescence is a very difficult stage and it is difficult to instill these talks in them.

For this, the Delegation of the Government for the National Plan on Drugs has promoted a new plan with the prevention of these practices. The objective is that young people are the ones who create messages to reach those of their own ages and use broadcasting platforms such as YouTube so that these communications reach as many listeners as possible.

More effective messages

As they explain from this organization, it is very important that young people transmit these messages to those of their same ages so that the message is more effective. As it has been said, adolescence is a difficult stage and in these moments it is easier for a student to listen to someone in his / her own circumstances than to listen to an adult whom he / she considers obsolete.

In addition, these messages should not arrive by traditional means. Adolescents make a great use of platforms digital, so social networks, YouTube and websites are the perfect places to ensure that there will be an attention to what is sought to transmit.

End to drug mythology

Another suggestion that has been made is that the mythology that revolves around drugs, alcohol and tobacco. There are many teenagers who consider that consuming these products will be more popular, they will laugh more and especially: they will be socially accepted. You have to let them know that if they perform these activities they will end up getting the opposite effects.

The message must be clear: consuming any of these products will end up to affect to the quality of life. Health will suffer, so they will increasingly be less available to perform activities with their friends. On the other hand, a dependency alters the personality of the individual, so that by not being himself he becomes a totally different person than the one in his group of friends they knew and wanted to have close,

At this point, reflection is invited colleges that allow their centers to announce events in which alcohol is very present and related to fun. Greater care is requested detecting this type of advertising and it is requested to promote healthier activities in which health is ahead.

Finally, it was recalled that the main risk of these consumptions is their standardization. We must break with the idea that alcohol consumption is daily and make young people understand that this intake gives rise to many problems that in the long term will have very serious consequences.

Damián Montero

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