Family Forum encourages parents and businesses to work for a true reconciliation

Conciliation, a four syllable word that is a battle of many families. To adapt to the work schedule to the care of children means for parents to juggle. Therefore, a request made both to public authorities and business managers is to adopt measures that ensure that households can achieve such a high goal.

Petitions like the one they make from Family Forum, organization committed to conciliation and that asks companies to do their part to achieve that goal. Therefore, taking advantage of the celebration of Labor Day on May 1, it was recalled the importance for many households to make this goal real.

Flexibility and telecommuting

Javier Rodríguez, general director of the Family Forum, took advantage of the past May 1 to encourage companies and workers "to truly fight for the conciliation"." The challenge of this century is to make work compatible with family life and encourage birth. This goes through decent salaries, flexible hours and a change of mentality that confuses number of hours with being a better worker, "he explains.

A struggle that could benefit from the characteristics of today's society, where "it is possible to bet on teleworking", other solution to achieve conciliation would be labor flexibility. Rodriguez points out that not only families would benefit from achieving this goal, according to him it would be "a productive investment for the own entity, since the anxiety and stress of the employees will be reduced, and this will rebound in a higher productivity and lower number of work abstractions, as numerous studies have shown ".

For this reason, the Family Forum proposes that companies move their improvement of macroeconomic data to their workers and encourage new hires.

Advice to conciliate

While the public authorities and the companies start up the necessary measures In order to reach conciliation, these are some practices that families can implement:

- Plan. Establishing schedules is essential for conciliation, who can take the children to school, who can pick them up? Can you count on someone's help to take care of the little ones?

- Prioritize. You can not be everywhere, so it is better to establish an order in the essential tasks to those that if they are not met, the world does not collapse.

- Be careful with overtime. How much is it worth to stay at work late? Maybe not all the days are necessary overtime and it is better to invest time in families.

- Ask for help. Grandparents, neighbors, friends with children of similar ages or a babysitter. All of them become perfect allies to achieve reconciliation within the home.

Damián Montero


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