The impact of playing with the children in their development

What does it mean? to play for children? Of course, not just fun. Although it can not be denied that this is an important point of these activities, when the children participate in them they encourage other areas of their lives. To begin they let their imagination fly and they immerse themselves in magical worlds, on the other hand they also learn to work according to some rules and at the same time, if the parents are integrated in these moments, the bond with their children is encouraged.

In fact, it is recommended that parents participate in the game of the children so that the little ones can benefit from all the advantages that this involvement has. If there are doubts about the positive results of these practices, when adults are members of the same, a new breeding program implemented in Jamaica highlights these positive results and encourages the elderly to be part of these special moments for children.

Long-term benefits

This new part of the basis that a better economic level does not always go hand in hand with greater cognitive development of the child. While a strong periodic and safe income means that minors can access better materials, and this translates into the conditions in which they grow and learn, there is something that allows these little ones to enhance some of their intellectual abilities: the game .

To demonstrate how the game can develop these cognitive skills, those responsible for this program exemplify a study developed in the 2014 where mothers and children strengthened their bond through the promotion of games in early childhood. The results of these initiatives over time, 22 years after the beginning, showed that these children developed a high Intellectual Coefficient and a reduction in violent behaviors.

In view of these results, the integration of this attention to early childhood Through the game. A practice that should be introduced with others, such as monitoring the menu of the youngest children to ensure proper nutritional development. Do not forget the importance of families in the development of every child, so investing time in the smallest of the house may mean that children achieve significant cognitive results in the long run.

Other benefits of playing with the little ones

This Jamaican program of attention to children is not the first that affects the benefits of playing with the little ones. These are other positive results suggested by the Observatory of Children's Play:

- Fosters self-esteem. With the shared game, parents and children interact in a unique way, something that gives them security.

- These activities lead to positive situations of attachment and security, which facilitates the exchange of experiences and provides peace of mind

- Stimulate social and emotional skills. The family is the first environment where the child develops an image of himself and the world in which he lives. These interactions that occur in the family game improve social relationships and help explore these skills.

- Encourages emotional control. With these games children learn to influence others and also to regulate and control their emotions. They also begin to recognize affective signals and interpret the emotions of others.

- Encourages creativity and school success. The environment that is created with the game makes it possible for the child to relate creatively with the world. Your imagination favors and your ability to reason.

- Playing as a family helps improve social competence.

- It favors the child's attention. The interaction with their parents in the game increases the concentration capacity of the child.

- Power the activity of children. Sharing playtime with children makes passive experiences active and enjoyable and eliminates the negative feelings associated with the former.

- Promotes child happiness. In fact, it is shown that parents who are quite involved in the play of their children are much more likely to raise happy children.

Damián Montero

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