British Council inaugurates its new urban summer camps

Taking advantage of summer so that children have fun and learn languages ​​at the same time is the goal of many parents. After the school year, summer vacations are the ideal time for children to rest and enjoy practicing their favorite hobbies, discover new interests, and progress in their command of English.

To respond to this need families have been born Summer Plus, a novel proposal within the English camps in Spain because it provides linguistic immersion without having to travel abroad, while combining fun and learning.

In the Summer Plus of the British Council, children do not stop talking and thinking in English because the program is designed to develop activities that activate the learning of English. How? Working in areas adapted to the interests of each age, they will use English in a real context while developing their confidence:

Summer Plus Primary and Lower Secondary from 6 to 14 years old

If your children are between 6 and 14 years old, the Summer Plus is aimed at developing their ability to solve problems and creativity through activities in different areas:

INVENT: they will take their first steps in robotics.
MOVE: physical activity such as sports, yoga or dances to use English spontaneously.
IMAGINE: readings and storytelling in Primary to introduce new vocabulary and grammar.
DISCOVER: experiments and research on science, the past or nature.
CREATE: they will express in English all their artistic talent with theater, crafts or script creation according to their age.
THINK: debates and presentations in Lower Secondary to practice your English and strengthen your critical thinking.

Summer plus Upper Secondary from 15 to 17 years old

And if your children are between 15 and 17 years old, their interests will develop in different areas because now it is essential to prepare them for a global and competitive environment. The idea is that they immerse themselves in a linguistically enriching experience, in an ideal climate for their critical thinking, their creativity and their ability to solve problems to flow through projects in different areas:

GLOBAL CITIZEN PROJECT: they will be the protagonists in a simulation of an international summit in English.
CREATE: you can write, direct and interpret a film or a work, of course, in the original version.
LANGUAGE LAB: they will focus on language acquisition to improve their spoken and written English.
INNOVATE - PROJECT Micro: bit *: our students will learn to program and see their progress in these micro-computers.

In Summer Plus your son will take advantage of summer

Fundamentally because:
1. Integrate new vocabulary and grammar in your English.
2. Participate in project-based learning to promote confidence in their abilities.
3. You will enjoy activities designed to advance in all areas of English.
4. Will be the protagonist of their own learning, reflect on their progress and establish realistic goals with their teacher.

Summer Plus: two modalities

- Summer Plus Intensive. If you only have the morning, enjoy all the Summer Plus activities in intensive format.

- Summer Plus Extra. It consists of different services that you can combine according to the needs of your child to make the most of our full day program: breakfast (7: 30/8: 00-9: 00), lunch in the center (2:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m. ), extra time (until 4: 00/17: 00) with games and activities in English for those who need to stay longer at the center or coach service.

Summer Plus is available at the British Council School of Somosaguas and our centers in Madrid Chamberi, Alcobendas, Barcelona, ​​Bilbao, Palma and Valencia.

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