Tricks for a good wardrobe background in times of crisis

One of the side effects of the economic downturn is that we fix ourselves more, something quite logical on the other hand, because as the saying goes "bad weather good face". And it is just missing to see us horrible to sink completely. Dressing well and with style is an art and sometimes, money is not everything.

The economic crisis, from which we have not just left, can be seen in fashion stores and in clothing. The thing is not easy. The design, the quality of the materials and even the amount of fabric has been what has suffered the most. The manufacturers do not take pity on our poor pockets and far from cheapening, or they give us a hare and what was bad before is now worse, or they loot our credit card.

Tricks to dress with style in times of crisis

1. Intercept clothing that will be discarded. It is not necessary to stand guard in front of parish offices waiting for the bags of used clothing of the rich in the area, or put the fishing rod in the containers of "clothes for Africa" ​​but if your friends or your relatives offer you clothes that no longer need, receive them with a broad smile. Sometimes you can find things that are a horror to them because they are tired of seeing it and for you they are real gems. What is terrible, because the container, they will never find out.

2. Set up a clothing exchange party with your friends. It is only worth the clothes in good condition that we no longer wear because either it is not our size, or we have tired of it. It is very fun to drop what we no longer want and change it for something new to renew our wardrobe background.

3. Frecuenta cheap stores (and good) in relation quality price. Rebuscando always in accounts the odd breath of fresh air.

4. The markets. They are the new cry in shopping; more and more proliferate, sometimes they are beneficial, others are homemade and other times they are organized by a firm, with surpluses of stockSome are worthwhile and others are not. If you are assiduous, you will get the hang of it, but as soon as you find out, stick there the first day because people are devastating. The best? The ones you find out by word of mouth.

5. And the outlets?. They are a little lazy due to their distance, but they are worth it if you are looking for something of a brand. Not everything you find is trash, or overpriced underclothes, every time there are more brands of clothing in the outlets with good quality clothes at a good price that can make you the solution.

How to make a good wardrobe background in times of crisis

Do not get depressed, deep down, living with the essential makes us happier. Having a good wardrobe background allows us to combine the classic with the current details. Here are some infallible tricks to mount it:

- Basic strip: It is not time to have the closet crowded with a variety of garments and different styles. Limit colors and invest in wardrobe bottoms that are very combinable with each other. Even if you look very austere- think that minimalism is the last thing, and that in these times that run austerity is elegant, the excess, when everyone is tightening their belts, if it is not vulgar, is recochineo.

- Take advantage of the accessories: They are affordable, they can give you that air that you lack and above all, make you feel that you release something that always encourages.

- Look for multifunction footwear: It's never good to skimp on shoes, so even if you can only have one pair, they can be combined with everything. If you are in boots, for example, think of a pair of heels that you can wear with your skirt, as well as with leggings or even inside the cowboy, to give them another air. If your style is more risky, some boots can do the same to you. If you are more of shoes think that some of heels can also be worn with a skirt -with a half of the same color so you do not shorten your leg- as with trousers.

- Take special care of clothes: the washing machine, the dryer and the iron spoil it a lot; try to avoid them - if it is not necessary, it is not a matter of you going like a parchment or smelling of scorch.

Marina Echánove. Stylist and writer. Author of the book Your style. The keys to elegance, femininity and distinction of Editorial Palabra.

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